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Pool Building Estimate

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard can add to the comfort and value of your home.  It is not one of those choices you make on the go, and needs a considerable amount of thought and planning. If done incorrectly it can reduce your property value and can be a safety hazard.

Installation costs for any pool will be determined by the type of pool; materials used finished surface area, grade and material volume, custom needs and labor.… Read the whole article

Swimming Pool Tips February 8, 2018 No Comments

Pros and Cons of Owning a Swimming Pool

Who wouldn’t love to have a swimming pool in their home? Kids can enjoy their summer holiday to the maximum with fun activities, and you can relax, read by the pool and exercise in the comfort of your home. For some, it is a necessity while for others it is a luxury. Either way, there are considerations that should be taken into account before installing a swimming pool.… Read the whole article

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Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

When thinking about whether you want a membership to a community swimming pool or buy a property with a pool or install a pool, think of the benefits of pools. Though you may not be a great swimmer, you can still enjoy a pool. Pool owners have instant access to many ways of keeping fit; however, going to a community swimming pool is also great.… Read the whole article

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Geothermal Pools in Iceland

What’s a Geothermal Pool?

Geothermal swimming pools are discovered all through the world within the type of natural hot springs, they’ll take over in flooded fumaroles (a gap close to a volcano), or they’ll even be artificially fed pools. Geothermal swimming pools may be discovered on each single continent, sure, even Antarctica! A geothermal pool is naturally occurring and occurs when floor water is geothermally heated by the earth’s crust.… Read the whole article

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Throw The Best Dallas Birthday Pool Party Ever!

Summer in Dallas is much more than rodeo shows! A big part of the season’s celebration are the exciting swimming pool birthday fetes, geared towards kids but equally fun for adults. As a parents you probably enjoy planning summer parties for kids as a reward after a lengthy school year – bribing them to keep up the good work! The team at Premier Pools & Spas wishes for you and your kids to have an exciting summer.Read the whole article

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Using Your Pool for Weight Loss

Building New PoolsSo are you ready to get in shape? Weight loss with a pool is easy!  

Looking into using your pool for weight loss? Good for you.  It’s time to put your pool to work in the name of fitness and your overall health. One of the many amazing benefits of having a swimming pool is the fact that swimming is great for your health – resulting in weight loss. … Read the whole article

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The Largest Pool on the Planet – Take a Look!

Hotel pools seem to get bigger and better every single year. We’re watching, trust me. Have you ever wondered what the world’s largest pool on the planet would look like? Below we feature the world’s largest outdoor pool located in Chile at San Alfonso del Mar Resort. The sparkling water is kept so beautiful that you can even see the bottom which is a whopping 115 feet deep!… Read the whole article

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Building New Pools In Dallas

More than a few Texas residents have been putting of building new pools or new homes in Dallas. This is understandable because media outlets were quick to provide baseless speculations about the future decline of the local housing market due to the declining gas and oil prices. However, now that industry experts have had a chance to look past the fear mongering they have concluded that the housing market will largely stay the same or even experience sustained growth.… Read the whole article

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Dallas Pool That Has Style And Elegance

With it’s amazing scenic attractions, inviting shopping venues, and extensive corporate scene, the city of Dallas is no doubt one of the most desirable locations to live in the world. That’s why at Premier Pools and Spas we’re proud to be the number one Dallas pool providerAmidst the bright sunshine and the equally bright smiling faces of the friendly locals, Dallas is truly a place where we feel at home.… Read the whole article

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Making Cents of Online Investment Services – Which is Best?

The question of the day is all about using online investment services. In other words; Should You or Shouldn’t You? Naturally, as you might well expect with this sort of question, there is no one size fits all answer here. You see, for some people, using an online investment service is a no-brainer, whereas for other people not so much.

Read the whole article