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Tips to Choosing the Right Pool Contractor for the Job

A pool is an investment. It adds value to your home. They are built differently. Therefore, a serious contractor is involved. Finding one is a task though. So, how do you go about choosing the right pool contractor for the job?

Can pool ratings help when looking for a good pool builder to hire:

Create a list of candidates

Identify all the potential companies that are eligible for the job at hand. Enquire from friends and relatives who have had a swimming pool built on their property. Request them to recommend you a good contractor they may know out of the experience.

Research the internet for contractors

The world is a global market courtesy of technology where everything is accessible online. Are they members of the Master Pool Guild? This is a network of pool designers and builders.  The guild members keep up with pool designs.

Talk to each of the contractors

After obtaining a list of contractors and their contacts, ask them to come to your house and see the layout of the yard, or you can visit their company to have a one on one talk. How was their previous work rated? Hire one that gathered more ratings.

Look for ads in the

phone book

Go through your phone book and look if there is anyone who may knowledge about contractors.

Ask about qualifications

When you are meeting with the potential contractors its good to know their job experience. Seek to have an honest, forefront and a good communicator you can work with. Ask them the kind of swimming pool that they would recommend for your backyard.

Get a bid with a schedule

Sometimes one is not decided the type of pool to construct. Ask the contractors to hand in bids or different swimming pools. These will help you determine the cost for different pools. In the bid let them include the schedule the starting time and the time of completion. It should also have all the materials to be used all written down. It is also advisable that you review the bid together in case of any clarification.

Check the contractor’s credentials

Let each contractor submit their credentials. These will tell you whether the contractor is licensed and insured or not. Liaise with other better business bureau to know the number of complaints filed against the potential contractor and how they were solved. You can also look online for the pool ratings.

Ask for references including the last 3 pools built

Before hiring, get to know the last three employers of the potential contractor. Confirm with them. Let them tell you whether they can hire them again or not.  The information you gather will tell you whether they can conduct a good job or not.

Consider your all factors including price

Renown contractors have attendances of charging more. Consider the contractor’s experience and is the contractor somebody you can work with for a long period?  Consider maintenance services. Hiring a company that offers maintenance services is an added advantage because they are familiar with the pool and are likely to serve better.

Are you looking forward to hiring a contractor for your pool? These few pool rating tips will help you make good decisions as you select your employer. Remember the contractor will work for you for quite a period, therefore, consider all the above-mentioned pool ratings tips to reach out to the best. Avoid disappointments.

Tips to choosing the Right Pool Contractor for the job

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Swimming Pool

Who wouldn’t love to have a swimming pool in their home? Kids can enjoy their summer holiday to the maximum with fun activities, and you can relax, read by the pool and exercise in the comfort of your home. For some, it is a necessity while for others it is a luxury. Either way, there are considerations that should be taken into account before installing a swimming pool.

Read on to find out the pros and cons of owning a pro swimming pool:



Swimming pools allow you to exercise at home. For people with busy schedules, a pro swimming pool is ideal and saves time because you don’t have to go to the gym and can save on pool membership fees. It improves your overall wellbeing, and your kids can learn the benefits of exercise from a young age. You can swim professionally and use exercises such as water aerobics to stay fit and healthy.

Home value

In recent years, the building economy has changed, and it is now more affordable to install a swimming pool. Installing a swimming pool in your home also increases your home’s resale value as most buyers are attracted to homes with pools. It is a valuable investment as it makes your home more expensive.

Fun activities

Kids and adults enjoy lots of fun activities in and around the pool. You can have barbecue pool parties, late night swims and with additional water features, it can be a haven for your kids in the summer.


Maintaining a pool is not so difficult. Pool companies provide you with the information you need to care for and maintain your pro swimming pool. They also offer the same service for those who don’t want the responsibility.

A luxurious haven

Well designed pools add to the luxury and beauty of your home. You can use colors and designs that blend with your home décor for an elegant and sophisticated look. Decorating your pool with stone paths, plants or sculptures also adds to the beauty if your backyard and you can show off to your friends and guests.


Safety Hazard

If you don’t maintain your pro swimming pool, it can be a health and safety hazard. Using chemicals incorrectly can lead to illness and bacteria and algae can form in the pool. Swimming pools can also be dangerous around kids if they do not have safety fencing. As the homeowner, you would be liable for any injuries and accidents caused in your pool to friends or neighbors.


Installing a pool is an expensive investment. You might not recover the amount you invested when selling your home. Additional features also add to the cost, and you will have to bear the lifetime costs of maintaining your pool such as chemicals and utility bills which are considerable.

Once you have considered all the pros and cons of owning a swimming pool you can make an informed decision on whether it is the right addition to your home.


Pros and Cons of Owning a Swimming Pool

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Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

When thinking about whether you want a membership to a community swimming pool or buy a property with a pool or install a pool, think of the benefits of pools. Though you may not be a great swimmer, you can still enjoy a pool. Pool owners have instant access to many ways of keeping fit; however, going to a community swimming pool is also great.

Below are reasons why pool owners enjoy their pools:


Pool owners can relieve their body of everyday pains, strains, stress, and aches. Make sure you check with your doctor before starting any fitness regimen; however, make sure you ask about the benefits of swimming. Swimming is a fantastic way to tone up. Water aerobics, aquatic exercises, and swimming are all good examples of how you can include workout and fun as part of a healthy lifestyle.


There is no better spot for friends than in the safety and comfort of your own pool. For an event of one or many, you and your friends can celebrate and enjoy life in your backyard pool.


Swimming pools entice spontaneous recreation. Forget about sweating it out with the children during those long, sizzling summer days of holiday, or even driving to private/public swimming pools. Hop in and enjoy clean, safe and rejuvenating fun! Anytime can be an enjoyable time with your own backyard swimming pool.


Are you and your loved ones seeking to spend a lot of time together? A backyard pool provides you with both and a lot more. Swimming pools are easier to maintain, convenient, safe, and inexpensive than you may think. No annual membership dues, or reservations and advance planning, or travel. There’s no better way to commemorate the instances of your life than right in your backyard pool. Build memorable reminiscences with your family.


A pool is an area where pool owners can get numerous types of exercises all in one spot. As an alternative to enrolling in a gym, using your pool will let you work on your stamina by swimming laps without breaking; your glutes by kicking; your arm strength by pulling; or positioning a buoy between your legs and only using your arms to swim. The ease of swimming, obviously, is improved if you have your own swimming pool. Otherwise, visiting a nearby swimming pool may not be very convenient, based on where you live.


Generally, your home is one of your most important financial investments. Your backyard swimming pool, adds beauty and value to your property. It is a secure and smart investment that will provide you with plenty of returns and precious memories.

If you are willing to invest in a swimming pool, keep in mind that ensuring it stays clean is very important. This way, it will help reduce susceptibility to vulnerability to infections and diseases.

There are lots of businesses that are experts in offering customers with all of the products and services they will want to keep their swimming pool in outstanding condition.

Do you want to have your own pool? Ensure that you do thorough background research on the company you are considering.


Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

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Inground Pool Pricing Guide

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is a huge decision. The cost of getting a swimming pool is not trivial. Read on for information on pool costs and pricing to help you make the best choice. This guide will help you understand the basics of pool pricing and build a budget for your swimming pool project.

Two major things to consider when it comes to the cost of inground pool are the initial cost of the pool and the lifetime costs of caring and maintaining the pool. The type of pool will also determine the pool price, and the prices may vary with regions.

First, you will know the initial cost of different types of pools and then the costs associated with maintaining each kind of pool.

Fiberglass, Concrete, and Vinyl Liner Cost Comparison

Fiberglass Pools: Initial Cost

These come in four packages.

Self-installation: The pool kit is delivered to your home, and you do the installation yourself. The kit can cost $9,000-$13,000 for small size, $12,000-$16,000 for medium and $16,000-$24,000 for large-sized shells. This cost is not inclusive of delivery which can cost between $600 and $2,500. Installing the pool yourself will save between $6,000 and $10,000.

Assisted Installation: This is convenient if you can excavate and handle the patio work. The pool builders level the shell and set out the pump and filter system. They do the plumbing and partial backfill of the pool. An assisted installation costs more than a self-installation by approximately $4,000 to $8,000.

Standard Packages: To determine the average price of this type of pool, measure the pool length and add $2000 to $6000. For instance, a 40-inch fiberglass pool might cost $46,000. Pool accessories might increase the cost by $5,000 to $25,000. These include fencing, patio, and electrical work.

Turn-Key Packages: The greatest advantage of this package is that the client does not need to manage or supervise any part of the project. Most turn-key fiberglass swimming pool projects will cost $45,000 to $85,000. Projects that need elaborate features such as waterfalls might cost more.

Concrete / Gunite Pools: Initial Cost

There is no DIY option for gunite pools. The pools will typically require a turn-key project with a pool company handling almost every part of the project. In comparison with fiberglass pools, gunite pool the initial price is not that different. The difference in price is due to ownerships costs. Concrete pools cost between $50,000 and $100,000 to build.

Vinyl Liner Pools: Initial Cost

These are by far the most affordable pools to install. They can also be installed as DIY projects for less than $20,000. The kits are easily available online and cheap. If purchasing from pool builders, base kits will cost between $25,000 and $35,000. Turn-key packages will cost between $35,000 and $55,000.

Comparison cost of ownership over 10 years

In a 10-year pool ownership costs projection, concrete pools are the most expensive to maintain at $27,400. Vinyl liner pools cost $11,500, and fiberglass pools are the most affordable to maintain at $3,760. Fiberglass pools are durable and efficient. They do not need refinishing as their gel coats can last a lifetime.


Inground Pool Pricing Guide

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Shopping for a Swimming Pool

So you have decided that this is the time to get that swimming pool in your backyard. Swimming pools have numerous benefits and can also increase your home’s value. Buying a pool is not something you might be familiar with, and you can end u going about it the wrong way. There is information and sales people at every corner trying to close deals. What type of pool do you want? How much will it cost? Is it within your budget? How do you maintain your pool? That’s why you need to take it slow and carefully take in some consideration before you take the plunge.

Here are 5 things you need to know before you receive pool estimates:

1. Know you want a swimming pool

Knowing that you want a swimming pool in your home is the first step. Once you are sure that it’s the right call, it will help you make solid decisions along the way. You can research on different pool types. Learn what it takes to take care of and maintain a pool. What accessories you will need and where to get them is also good to know. Educational videos can also give you more information so that you can make the right choice.

2. Know what you want of the pool

Set a priority on what you feel is the most important aspect of the pool. Is it customization, aesthetics, low maintenance, water features? These are just a few of the things that pool shoppers think of when they are considering buying a pool. It is important to list this and rate them before a meeting with a pool builder. This will help you focus on the right pool for you and your family.

3. Decide on a pool installer

When deciding on which pool installer to use, there also some considerations to take into account. What is your main goal? Is it getting the lowest price, good workmanship or something else? Price is usually the determining factor for most pool shoppers, and you might want to go with the lowest pool estimates given. However, it is important to choose a pool installer who offers quality workmanship. You do not want to be in a situation where 2 years after you buy the pool it requires major repairs.

4. Know your true budget and stick to it

Set a budget after taking into account all the above consideration. Get your finances in order before you start getting pool estimates. It can be frustrating for you when you begin the project and cannot complete it due to financial constraints. This way you will not waste your time or the pool builders.

5. Know the difference between pool types

Know the difference between vinyl, concrete and fiberglass pools. Each type of pool has its own pros and cons. Maintenance costs, lifespan, initial cost, and accessories vary, and it is important to know which type you prefer. While you might have seen a vinyl pool and liked it, it might just not be for you.


Shopping for a swimming pool