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How to Choose the Right Pool Builder

There is no question you are all set to have your own dream pool designed and constructed; however, where do you begin with such a huge project? And more importantly, how do you start looking for a pool contractor for the project.

Here are a few tips on how to select a Pool Contractor:

Background check

If you are thinking of a contractor, it is time for you to take your probe to a new level checking out records associated with the company. Your first stop has to be the Better Business Bureau to (BBB) to find out if there are any negative feedbacks against the builder. You can also pay a small fee to get a report from ContractorCheck, which includes an overall builder rating and lots of information about the business operations of the contractor.

Finally, you have to consider your state’s laws on pool construction and ensure the builder is properly certified.

Look at References

If a builder is willing to provide you with a long list of references that is a great sign. The more pleased customers a contractor can show the less likely it is that they are cherry picked or staged. If there are many references, you most likely will not look at all of them; however, you need to randomly choose some to call (do not just contact the first three but choose from different sections of the list).

If your list is small, that does not necessarily disqualify the builder; however, you may want to ask a few probing investigating questions to ensure the references are trustworthy. Here are some things you can ask to: When did the builder do work for you? If the references are mainly older, that mght signify cherry picking.

Which type of swimming pool did the builder install? If you are installing a fiberglass swimming pool, you will be especially concerned about what the reference needs to say if he also had a fiberglass swimming pool installed. Was the project completed without delay, and was payment for work done requested after the project was completed? Were any surprises encountered? Were the contractors polite and understanding of your requirements while onsite?

Get Recommendations

Do you know anybody in your neighborhood who has an inground swimming pool? If yes, inquire further about their experience; many swimming pool owners are more than ready to speak about it. They might be able to lead you toward, or away from, a specific builder.

If you reside in a larger metropolis, you might also be able to get recommendations from consumer sites and internet forums. Be extremely careful of these; however, since they are easily manipulated.

Follow your instincts

First inner thoughts tend to be wrong; however, do not bet too much on it. If something concerning a certain pool contractor does not seem right, then that is reason enough for extreme caution. Some red flags to be aware of:

  • Providing a low estimate that is unrealistic
  • Pressuring you to decide fast
  • Pushing you toward obtaining financing through the swimming pool company or an associated company
  • Requesting payment in cash in
  • Requesting large sums upfront
  • General lack of professionalism in behavior and looks

Before you hire a pool contractor, make sure you stop by the contractor’s place of business. How a contractor runs its office and carries out routine everyday business is usually helpful of how they operate on the job. And if the builder does not have an office? Well, that is another red flag.


How to Choose a Pool Contractor

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Adding a Spa

Beautiful Spa and pool comboSpas can add a lot of value to your home and it’s not as hard as you may thing to add an inground spa onto your current pool! Along with value (and the fact that they look beautiful)–it benefits your health too as it’s been reported that sitting in a hot tub can help with stress, ease pain, and improve circulation! Already sold? Here are some questions you may have:

What kind of spa should I add?

Deciding what kind of spa to get may be the hardest part! It all depends on your needs. Here are some of your options:

  • Portable
    • Those in colder climates might prefer a portable option since you probably don’t want to walk too far when it’s snowing.
  • Inground
    • Inground designs look nicer than portable options since they can blend into your landscape and adding an inground spa adds value to your home. If you’re already building a pool, you should consider adding a hot tub now or you’ll have to remodel later which can be costly. Inground hot tubs can be attached to or separate from a pool.
  • Adding a spa to your existing pool
    • The most expensive option–this will take some remodeling.

spas-007-1024x684What are my surface options?

  • Drop-in pre-fab shells made of fiberglass or acrylic are most popular when you have (or are building) a vinyl-liner pool.
  • Constructed out of steel, gunite and steel. While more work is involved with this option, you’re able to get a much more beautiful custom look.

What are my other add-on options?

  • Lighting
    • Traditional spas usually have a halogen bulb underwater, but we can upgrade your spa with additional lighting like colored LED lights. LED lights can have fully customized light options.
  • Jets
    • Used to just one directional jets? We offer different types of jets like: swirl jets, oscillating jets and massage jets.
  • Bubble system
    • Bubbling systems add a relaxing effect and increases the volume of water directed through the jets.
  • Size
    • We can build you a pool to fit your families needs!

PortlandCan my spa overflow into my pool?

Yes, and the results are beautiful!




Not sure what you want to do in your backyard? Check out some of our beautiful spas and watch this video with a beautiful pool and hot tub combo:

Contact us for all your spa-building needs!

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Beautify Your Home With A Gunite Pool

Planning to install a gunite pool in your home in Maine? Well, you’ve made a great decision. There is simply nothing like adding a stunning inground concrete pool to your outdoor space to one-up the above-ground version in your neighbor’s backyard. At Premier Pools & Spas of Lewsiton, Maine, our skilled staff specializes in designing in-ground gunite pools in Maine with features that customers will love. Once you spend enough time weighing your options and appoint the right contractor before starting the process, then your pool installation will proceed swimmingly.


Why Get A Gunite Pool?

The gunite method is one of the main construction techniques that is used for designing pools in many areas in and around Maine. The pools are designed and built on site using a concrete and cement mixture, making them some of the most prestigious and durable pools today. Gunite pools can be designed in a number of different shapes and sizes; therefore it’s more likely that your pool will fit your landscape perfectly. It also saves you the trouble of having to re-design your existing landscape to accommodate the pool as with some above-ground designs. Your budget can be a major limitation when designing your pool, thus being able to avoid this cost can put you at an advantage.


With a gunite pool you can customize the finishing material used on your pool. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishing materials; including pebbles and glass fiber, to ensure that your swimming pool fits seamlessly with your landscape. Because the gunite pool construction method is so custom design friendly you can incorporate various types of amenities around your pool. From tanning ledges, to built-in bar stools, to underwater benches, you get can creative and make the area around your pool attractive and entertaining. Gunite pools also give you the flexibility to incorporate accompanying water installations such as waterfalls, running streams, or spas.


In addition to their durability, gunite swimming pools are also much easier to install compared to other pool types. Of course the quality of the pool can be affected by the outdoor temperature during construction, as well as the skill and experience of the company that you are working with. However, once it is done using the right techniques, then you should have no problems.

Custom designed gunite pools undoubtedly offer some of the best options to homeowners when compared to other types of pools. Aside from their impressive durability and flexibility, it’s a surefire way to decorate your backyard into your own personal tropical oasis villa. Contact Premier Pools & Spas at any convenient time to get started designing your gunite pool for your property in Maine.

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