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Not Your Typical Pool Party

You might be used to your pet dogs wanting to enjoy your pool. But a family vacationing in Redmond, WA were in for a surprise when they noticed a bathing moose in the pool! This is not the first time a moose has been spotted taking a dip in a swimming pool, but they were lucky enough to get a great video of the moose lounging in their pool!

Pools not just loved by you & your pet.

Moose and your pet love to swimMoose also love the water, and for such a large land-animal, Moose are surprisingly good swimmers. As the largest member of the deer family, a male moose (also known as a bull) can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds, and their antlers alone can weight up to 75 pounds! With that much weight on such tiny legs, you might find it surprising that moose can run up to 35 miles per hour!

Moose are also great swimmers that can swim about 6 miles per hour. To put that in perspective, swimming at his top speed, Michael Phelps can only swim 5.25-6 miles per hour. Now that is a match we would like to see!

Most pool owners will not have the experience of finding a while animal in your pool. However, in recent years, pool owners have been having more encounters with wild animals. This is due to a few reasons:


  • Some animals are very curious, they see your beautiful sparkly pool, and want a closer look! This can cause them to accidentally (or purposely) get in!

Cooling offMoose, not pet, love to swim

  • If it is hot out, some animals are like us in that they need to cool off! Pigs will wallow in mud, kangaroos will lick their forearms, but most animals enjoy a dip in cool water (just like us)!


  • Animals love to play, you probably know that many species (you’ve probably seen your pet dog do it!) learn social behaviors by playing around. But play is not just for young animals, species of gulls will play catch with their food. It is fun, and it teaches them new techniques to hunt!

Lack of habitat

  • As human habitat extends into areas that wild animals call home, animals are venturing into areas we do not necessarily want them. Your backyard pool could now be in a place they called home.


keep your pet, children and wildlife out of the pool

If you find yourself with a stuck uninvited pool guest, The Humane Society has some great tips:

  • First off: always use caution and call your local animal control if you do not feel safe.
  • For birds, and other small animals: a pool skimmer or broom brush can help you carefully retrieve them.
  • For larger animals: try building a makeshift ramp for the animal. A chaise lounge could work for this.

Building a fence or adding on other safety features to keep your pet, children, and wild animals out of your pool is an excellent idea, especially if you live in an area with wildlife.

Let us know your pool concerns, and we’ll discuss these features with you!

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