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Recessed Seating In Your Swimming Pool

Typically you wish to be part of the fun however you also wish to keep dry! Giving those that wish to keep dry (however social) an choice is at all times a pleasant concept when designing your backyard oasis. This distinctive pool incorporates a recessed seating space “inside” the pool so everybody can benefit from the pool collectively. There are issues it’s a must to contemplate when putting in a recessed seating space and that’s the entry level.… Read the whole article

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Dog Pools Are The Best


Homeowners Building a Pool For Man’s Best Friend

Dogs love to be outside, running around and enjoying the summer sun, it’s in their nature. Pet owners buy their dogs a pool for the reasons that the dog will love the satisfaction of playing in the water and it’s one of the most effective ways for your dog to stay refreshed on the hot summer days.  Read the whole article

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Top 7 Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2016

Gone are the days of square-cookie cutter swimming pools. These days, we can build you the pool of your dreams! Not quite sure what that dream swimming pool looks like? Take a look at these trends taking over the pool world!

1. Infinity Swimming Pools

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pools

There’s a reason infinity pools have been dominating the pool trends the past few years. When one edge is able to overflow, it looks like you could swim off into the distance.… Read the whole article

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Portland Pool Features – Most Requested By Home Owners

Spillways have many functions, both purposeful and decorative, just like many other outdoor water features. While swimming pools are charming in and of themselves, adding custom outdoor water features can bring more life to your static outdoor space.  Premier Pools And Spas of Portland is happy to provide residents with the best custom outdoor features. Whether you want a stunning infinity edge or want to add a splash of drama or colorful lighting to an existing pool, our team can help.… Read the whole article

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Cleaning Your Pool Without Chlorine

Harness Natural Power to Clean Your Pool Without Chlorine

guniteWhen it comes to maintaining your new pool, you may have thought chlorine was your only option. It is, in fact, the most popular way to treat pool water and over 85% of pool owners use chlorine. However, as concerns over the safety of chlorine grow, we continue to seek out more natural ways to treat our pools.… Read the whole article

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Small Swimming Pools Are Making a Return to Yard Designs!

Our yards can become places of comfort and sanctuary, and when we incorporate small swimming pools into our designs, we can also create places of luxury and relaxation. You don’t have to sacrifice your entire yard to add a pool, and it doesn’t have to be big enough to swim laps in for you to enjoy it. A small pool or spool can add elegance and beauty to your yard while also giving you a place to cool off in the summer and relax in the sun.… Read the whole article

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7 Amazing Las Vegas Resort Pools

Las Vegas’ 100 degrees-plus thermometer readings make an ironclad (or bikini clad, if you prefer) excuse to spend the day poolside. The resorts of Las Vegas have some of the most enticing pools found anywhere in the world and we’ll give you a close-up of 7 fascinating examples of them.

Mandalay Bay’s Mandalay Beach

This breath-taking, 11-acre aquatic wonderland transports you to the South Seas with 2,700 tons of white sand.Read the whole article

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Amazing Water Feature – Swim Up Bars

If you thought swim up bars were rare luxury attractions that you only get to enjoy during spring break or on a vacation to the Bahamas, then you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Swim up bars have been making their way into the backyards of many Las Cruces homes, and the rest of America, for years. In fact, you’ll find swim up bars on residential properties today that rival some of the most luxurious swim up bars worldwide.… Read the whole article

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‘Disappearing’ Swimming Pool Installation Wave of the Future for the Elite

pool installation

Regardless of size and design, swimming pool installation requires a team of experts. If you want one of the new luxuries that’s starting to gain popularity among the high-end, elite crowd you might need a team of engineers as well. The ‘disappearing’ swimming pool as it’s known was originally developed for commercial usage, but more and more private owners are trying to set their estates apart by adding the feature that would make more sense in a spy movie to their backyard.… Read the whole article