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Recessed Seating In Your Swimming Pool

Typically you wish to be part of the fun however you also wish to keep dry! Giving those that wish to keep dry (however social) an choice is at all times a pleasant concept when designing your backyard oasis. This distinctive pool incorporates a recessed seating space “inside” the pool so everybody can benefit from the pool collectively. There are issues it’s a must to contemplate when putting in a recessed seating space and that’s the entry level. You possibly can both select some stepping stones hid by the pool or a bridge to make the setting much more superb. Additionally, pillows are a must have for these areas so that you can completely relax all day long. Try this entry utilizing stepping stones:


Design by Pool Builders Inc.; photograph courtesy of Digital Wave Productions

We’re not really certain how patrons step on into these recessed areas however that merely provides to the sweetness and illusion! Recessed seating pits are nice for sunbathing, day time conversations or nights crammed with star gazing and s’mores.


Picture Courtesy of www.home-designing.com

Does my Recessed Seating Space need to be IN my pool?

Under no circumstances! Take a look at these wonderful recessed seating areas constructed into their backyard plans.


Picture Courtesy of www.home-designing.com

A recessed seating square in the midst of their yard features a fire pit, making it a dramatic focus.

What if I wish to add Recessed Seating to my pool?

Simply because you have already got a pool, it doesn’t imply you can’t add a recessed seating space to your pool. In reality, you could add any variety of spectacular new options onto your loved ones’s staycation vacation spot! Is your pool feeling outdated, outdated or just not the dream design you need any longer? In the event you’re looking at recessed seating areas in fashionable swimming pools on Pinterest every day, it could be time to contemplate a remodel! We aren’t saying that each pool wants a recessed seating space however swimming pool restoration and renovation can embrace objects reminiscent of putting in customized lighting, waterfalls, spas, customized rock options, and a lot extra. Giving your pool a face raise can imply the distinction between a bland outside play place and your own private resort. If in case you have a favorite resort pool from your loved ones’s latest trip, we can help you relive that dream! Nothing is out of the question. We’ve got a network of pool builders at our disposal that have the expertise needed to transform what you envision into your ultimate yard.

In the event you’re contemplating renovating or transforming your swimming pool, you’ve come to the best place.

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Dog Pools Are The Best


Homeowners Building a Pool For Man’s Best Friend

Dogs love to be outside, running around and enjoying the summer sun, it’s in their nature. Pet owners buy their dogs a pool for the reasons that the dog will love the satisfaction of playing in the water and it’s one of the most effective ways for your dog to stay refreshed on the hot summer days.  

Why Dog’s Love Swimming Pools

Dogs show very excited emotions towards these types of things. It’s recommended that you start off your pet with only a few inches of water at a time, just show your dog can get used to the water. Once he is comfortable with the new object of the pool, he should be in heaven with the pool on those hot summer days.

There are many reasons to buy a swimming pool for your pet. It’s a great place for your pets to have fun, to reduce stress and cool off during hot days. Dog swimming pools also help with training canines to get used to water without putting them through the stress of ocean waves. Dog pools will be disease-free, unlike lakes or other dirty places your dog might choose. It’s also convenient for washing your dog’s paws after walks in the dirt.

With buying a dog pool, you need to make sure it’s the best for your pet. You know what your dog loves. Don’t trust the pictures either, check for cracks, scratches and peeling of the plastic.

Let us help you get the perfect pool started!

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Top 7 Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2016

Gone are the days of square-cookie cutter swimming pools. These days, we can build you the pool of your dreams! Not quite sure what that dream swimming pool looks like? Take a look at these trends taking over the pool world!

1. Infinity Swimming Pools

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pools

There’s a reason infinity pools have been dominating the pool trends the past few years. When one edge is able to overflow, it looks like you could swim off into the distance. This mesmerizing effect is uses a lower basin to collect the water and flow it back into your pool.

2. Knife Edge Swimming Pools

We promise knife edge pools are much more relaxing than it sounds. Knife edge pools use the same concept as infinity pools. But instead of flowing off of one edge, it can flow off of more edges creating a dramatic look.

3. LED Lighting

Not only can it save you money. But LED lights can give a stunning look.

LED Lights in Swimming Pool

4. Mosaic Tile

mosaic tile in swimming pool

Mosaic tile can be installed to your swimming pool to add an element of fun by incorporating animal designs, or it can create a stunning Grecian feel.

5. Baja Shelf

A Baja shelf can make you feel like you’re stepping into a resort pool in your own back yard. There are options when it comes to a baja shelf. But the main idea is a step in shallow water large enough to add lounge chairs or create a safer place for children to enjoy the swimming pool.

6. Spools

“Spools,” or small pools are making a big splash. Perfect to fit on smaller properties (and can fit a smaller budget. These small pools make a large impact.

7. Fire

Fire pit added to swimming pool
The most stunning trend is a fire feature around your pool. Nothing transports you to the tropics faster than this awesome look.
Check out more of the stunning custom swimming pool features we offer!

Contact us to make one of these beautiful trends a reality in your backyard!

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Portland Pool Features – Most Requested By Home Owners

Spillways have many functions, both purposeful and decorative, just like many other outdoor water features. While swimming pools are charming in and of themselves, adding custom outdoor water features can bring more life to your static outdoor space.  Premier Pools And Spas of Portland is happy to provide residents with the best custom outdoor features. Whether you want a stunning infinity edge or want to add a splash of drama or colorful lighting to an existing pool, our team can help.

Top Portland Pool Features: Glass Tile Spillways


Premier Pools And Spas of Portland specializes in designing stunning spillways that can add visual depth and functionality to any landscape. They are typically placed between a swimming pool and spa to pass water from the spa to the pool. This creates a delightful sound that eliminates unwanted ambient noises. Spillways can be installed along with your swimming pool or your existing pool can be remodeled to include one.

Top Portland Pool Features: Waterfalls


Rock features such as waterfalls are another one of our specialties. Waterfalls are seemingly synonymous with rejuvenation and relaxation. Nothing embodies nature like the relaxing sounds and visual imagery of water cascading down from a waterfall. Waterfalls are versatile and can be designed in a range of sizes and finishes can be as dramatic or as simple as you want them to be.

Top Portland Pool Features: Pool Lighting, Fireplaces & Fire Pits


The Portland Premier and Spa team offers a number of solutions for illuminating the area around your pool. From colorful pool lighting to a functional fire pit or a fireplace, these custom features add aesthetic appeal to your backyard. Not only do they create a charming atmosphere, they also make it easier for you to navigate your pool area at night. You can choose from a number of pool lighting options and decide how small or large you want your fireplace to be. Fire pits can be set up to operate on natural gas, propane, or burning wood and they can be the focal point of your landscape.

Top Portland Pool Features: Infinity Edge Pools

Customers in Portland rave about our infinity pools. Infinity edge pools can be designed to create a visual effect of water flowing from your swimming pool into an ocean or the horizon base on the landscape. They are excellent choice for homeowners who want to limit the overall time spent cleaning or maintaining the pool. This is because of the continuous water movement and excellent filtration system that they are designed with.

Do You Need Features For Your Pool In Portland?

Premier Pools & Spas in Portland specializes in helping customers realize their dream of owning the perfect pool. Our contractors have the training and knowledge when it comes to building custom swimming pools. Whether you want gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl, our pool builders will work hard to meet your needs. We don’t just stop at building your pool. When you work with us, we can plan and construct any outdoor environment including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, decks, and bars. Our goal is to help you achieve the outdoor living space that makes you happy.

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Cleaning Your Pool Without Chlorine

Harness Natural Power to Clean Your Pool Without Chlorine

guniteWhen it comes to maintaining your new pool, you may have thought chlorine was your only option. It is, in fact, the most popular way to treat pool water and over 85% of pool owners use chlorine. However, as concerns over the safety of chlorine grow, we continue to seek out more natural ways to treat our pools.

We are proud to offer our customers a more natural solution to chlorine use with the Premier Pure mineral and ozone technology system. It helps to achieve sparkling clear water by naturally destroying bacteria and controlling algae. An alternative to regular chemical chlorine sanitizing methods, the Premier Pure system is an eco-friendly way to achieve clean and gentle pool water. Why is gentle water a good thing? Think of those red and itchy eyes that come from a day swimming in chlorinated water.

chlorine free pool

No itchy red eyes in their future!

Some benefits of the Premier Pure system include:

  • Reduced chlorine usage and cost up to 90%
  • Less wear and tear on pool your equipment
  • No unpleasant chemical odors
  • Will not irritate eyes, dry out skin or fade swimwear
  • Eliminates oils, lotions and other contaminants
  • Saves water, energy and money

The Premier Pool system works in two natural ways:

It uses a copper and silver cartridge to neutralize bacteria.

Silver has been known for hundreds if not thousands of years as a water purifier as it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. In fact, ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used silver to purify and preserve their water.

How does this work in our Premier Pure system? As water filters through the cartridge, silver particles seek out and destroy negatively charged bacteria in your pool. After it oxidizes the negative charge, the water flows out of the cartridge neutral, leaving the silver particle to clean more water.

It uses Ozone.Clean water maintained naturally without chlorine

One of natures most natural oxidizers, ozone is created by converting Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3).

How does this work in our Premier Pure system? Ozone oxidants can be put to work as a sanitizing and disinfecting agent or simply used to break down organic substances. It is an effective disinfecting agent that will kill germs, viruses, bacteria, molds and yeasts. Once it’s done oxidizing bacteria in your pool, it converts back to oxygen.

What pool maintenance option is right for me?

If you’re concerned about the use of chemicals in your home, Premier Pure is perfect for you. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any maintenance questions you have.

We want to help you build the pool of your dreams that not only fits your budget, but also your lifestyle.

Read more about features and products we offer here.

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Small Swimming Pools Are Making a Return to Yard Designs!

Our yards can become places of comfort and sanctuary, and when we incorporate small swimming pools into our designs, we can also create places of luxury and relaxation. You don’t have to sacrifice your entire yard to add a pool, and it doesn’t have to be big enough to swim laps in for you to enjoy it. A small pool or spool can add elegance and beauty to your yard while also giving you a place to cool off in the summer and relax in the sun.

The Benefits of Small Swimming Pools
When you add a large pool to your yard, you may be enhancing the property value and making more room for fun with friends, but it’s also a huge investment after the installation and with the maintenance that must be kept up. Also, if you’re yard isn’t that large to begin with, you’d basically sacrificing the entire space for a swimming pool.

Spool’s – Are Swim Spas That Take Up Less Space!

  1. A small pool costs less to build, and it takes up less space in your yard.
  2. There are more options for what goes around the pool when it’s smaller, and there is ample area to include style and perks.
  3. A small, shallow pool may be safer, especially if children will be playing in it.
  4. Maintaining a small pool will take less time, energy, and money than a large one.
  5. The overall look will be luxurious and elegant instead of colossal, which may go better with the design of your yard.

Ideas for Small Swimming Pools
Small swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, just like the large ones, and there are several options to choose from. The possibilities are endless! You can build a little circle or oval shaped pool in your garden and create a paradise among your favorite plants. Add a square or rectangular pool near the patio with a fountain for a focal piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Create your own design for a kiddie pool that will wow your children and their friends. Or add a mini pool at the end of a path away from the barbeque in a tiny yard can make even the smallest property seem much bigger than it is.

Why Make the Decision to Build?
You might be thinking that you could just buy a kiddie pool instead of building a small pool on your property. While this may be right for you, a small pool can also enhance your property value in a similar way that a large pool would, and it is likely to look much more elegant than the average kiddie pool you’d find at the local big box store. The investment may be bigger, and the work you’ll put into it may seem like a lot, but the finished product is something that you can happily enjoy for many years.

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7 Amazing Las Vegas Resort Pools

Las Vegas’ 100 degrees-plus thermometer readings make an ironclad (or bikini clad, if you prefer) excuse to spend the day poolside. The resorts of Las Vegas have some of the most enticing pools found anywhere in the world and we’ll give you a close-up of 7 fascinating examples of them.

Mandalay Bay’s Mandalay Beach

This breath-taking, 11-acre aquatic wonderland transports you to the South Seas with 2,700 tons of white sand. There’s a wave pool where the waves can get up to as much as four feet, or you may prefer to go floating down the lazy river or relax at any of the three heated pools. Mandalay Beach features the enticing Moorea pool where it’s quite okay to lose your top.


Caesars Palace’s Garden Of The Gods

Each of the eight lavish pools featured in ‘the garden’ is named after a Roman god and most definitely meets their approval in terms of luxury. Fountains, waterfalls, giant columns and ornate statuary add to the theme. Cabanas, day beds and chaise lounge chairs abound, so take your pick – we’re really liking the tops-are-optional Venus pool and the sun-drenched Apollo.  


Golden Nugget’s The Tank

What’s the grabber here? We could say the three-story water slide, but that’s only because it takes you right through the center of a shark-filled 200,000-gallon aquarium. Other serious “Wow!” worthy wet attractions include the opulent curved pool featuring two cascading waterfalls, and the two-story infinity pool of the adults-only Hideout.


Flamingo’s Beach Club Pool

The oldest resort on the Strip, certainly has no problems outshining some of the new kids on the block. A collection of exquisite flamingos, swans and ducks reside in the lush Wildlife Habitat next door to the family-friendly pool area. The lagoon shaped main pool delights children (and adults) with its maze of water slides winding through rocky caves, leading you to smaller terraced pools.


The Rio’s VooDoo Beach

VooDoo has completely nailed the tropical island paradise theme. From the palm trees and waterfalls to the cozy rock grottos hiding even cozier Jacuzzis, this gorgeous resort offers four distinct pools with something for everyone.  The sand pool is a hands-down kids’ favorite, with its impressive real white sand beach. Older folks may find the flair bartenders and live DJ’s of The VooDoo pool more to their liking.


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Boulevard Pool

The resort’s east deck is the perfect setting for fun and frolic, or for just simply relaxing and letting the day go by. The elevated Boulevard Pool on the third floor boosts a striking view of other Strip resorts. When not sightseeing, there’s always table tennis and Foosball, or unwinding in any one of the hot tubs.



The Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa’s The Backyard.

We’re pretty certain your backyard doesn’t look quite like this. With its exclusive cabanas, interactive island fountain and first-class café, this three-acre spread is a true aquatic marvel. The main circular pool, the Sandbar, is generously complemented by wading pools, a beach, private pool areas and hot tubs.


Want to enjoy the thrills of resort life from the comfort of your own backyard? Contact Premier Pools & Spas and get started building your personal backyard resort today!

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Amazing Water Feature – Swim Up Bars

If you thought swim up bars were rare luxury attractions that you only get to enjoy during spring break or on a vacation to the Bahamas, then you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Swim up bars have been making their way into the backyards of many Las Cruces homes, and the rest of America, for years. In fact, you’ll find swim up bars on residential properties today that rival some of the most luxurious swim up bars worldwide.

Investing in a Las Cruces pool with a swim up bar, or renovating your existing pool to include barstools and other amazing water features, will give your entire family a reason to spend more time together bonding at home. Sure you’ll need to stack up on non-alcoholic beverages for minors in your home, but regardless you’ll be giving them a reason to spend more quality time at home, even during the summer. Plus you’ll have complete freedom to customize your pool and swim up bar to your liking.

Possible Features To Include In Your Swimming Pool 

swim up bars
If you want to add a tropical or rainforest feel to your swim up bar then you should consider a waterfall. Waterfalls are some of the most common pool water features that are incorporated into swim up bars. The movement of water helps to create a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and having a drink after a hard day of work in Las Cruces. It can be designed as the pathway for water that has been filtered to re-enter your pool. Water fountains are also simple yet attractive features that you can use to spruce-up your swimming pool and increase the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. Our excellent designers at Premier Pools & Spas can help you with any fountain or waterfall design that you want to use to visually enhance your swim up bar.

To add some magical effects, you can also install deck jets into the walls of your pool or the surrounding landscape. This will create stunning graceful arches of flowing water that can breathe new life into your swim up bar.

You can enjoy resort life right at home! With summer right around the corner, a swim up bar may be just want you need to ensure that it’s a fulfilling one. Nothing beats the convenience of being able to refill your drink after taking a couple of strokes in your backyard pool on a hot day. Whether you want to grab a quick snack, indulge on some delicious fresh sushi, or relive moments of your last Las Vegas vacation with a quick poker game, you can do it right from a swim up bar in your outdoor space.

Looking for Amazing Water Features?

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‘Disappearing’ Swimming Pool Installation Wave of the Future for the Elite

pool installation

Regardless of size and design, swimming pool installation requires a team of experts. If you want one of the new luxuries that’s starting to gain popularity among the high-end, elite crowd you might need a team of engineers as well. The ‘disappearing’ swimming pool as it’s known was originally developed for commercial usage, but more and more private owners are trying to set their estates apart by adding the feature that would make more sense in a spy movie to their backyard. It started in places like London, Tel Aviv, and Monaco, but has started popping up in the U.S. in the past couple years, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Pool Installation Magic Here

The magic behind the hidden pool design is a movable floor, which is operated by a hydraulic system put in at the beginning of the pool installation. When in place it provides a solid foundation to serve as an activity, social, or general patio area. With the press of a button the floor sinks to the bottom, or however deep you want it to be set at, and fills with water. Voila, just like that you have a pool to enjoy what is the third most popular activity in the U.S. behind walking and exercising with equipment (swimming).

You would think such high technology would require a great deal of care and maintenance, but pool installers and manufacturers say it really only needs an occasional check-up. Alan Crownover is the head of Paradise Pools and Garden, a San Francisco-area pool installation company, who’s designed at least one disappearing pool so far. He said the price tag for one similar to the one he put in would run someone about $2 million.

“It’s like buying a Ferrari,” Crownover said.

The movable flooring itself costs between $300 and $550 per square foot, making the innovative technology a niche amenity indeed. The average price of a standard inground pool is between $20,000 and $50,000. Jack Gottlieb is a spokesman for AGOR Creative Engineering, a Tel Aviv-based producer of movable floors, and believes that while the demand will obviously be generally low, they plan on starting a marketing campaign to take advantage of any opportunities in the United States. That being said Real Estate agents have reported seeing a trend in the number of homes on the market with hidden pools.

“There are a few hundred now in the U.S., and we think it could [grow to] anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 once it gets developed,” Gottlieb said.

In comparison there are currently about 10.4 million residential pools in the U.S. in total. The exorbitant luxury feature does have practical use as it can increase the available usable space in your yard during times you don’t want/need the pool. However, it will be a long-time before these start showing up in your average suburban neighborhood.

Ready for your own Custom Pool?

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