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Pool Cleaning Tips: Let Your Pool Do The Work

Freeform poolImagine this: You’ve just built the inground pool of your dreams. You can’t wait to spend day after day enjoying it with your family, right? In this scenario, how often do you see yourself enjoying the pool cleaning? We have a feeling pool cleaning isn’t at the top of your list (that spot is probably reserved for perfecting your cannon-ball).

If you could install a pool that efficiently cleans itself, circulates its own water, and saves money while giving you more time to enjoy it, wouldn’t you?… Read the whole article

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How to Shock Your Pool

Shock your pool to keep it clean and beautifulThis shouldn’t come as a shock to you, but shocking your pool is an important part of maintaining a beautiful (and safe!) pool. Organic pollutants and bacteria can build up in your pool and resist normal chlorination. To break these up, it’s important to raise the chlorine level quickly by shocking your pool.

How often should I shock my pool?

Shocking your pool should be a regular part of your pool maintenance.… Read the whole article

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Opening Your Pool for Spring

family-poolSpring is in the air! Days are warming up, and you’re probably thinking about opening up your pool for your family and friends. Hopefully, you followed our instructions on how to close your pool before winter, and this will be a breeze!

You can, of course, hire someone to open your pool for you. But you can save money by doing it yourself!… Read the whole article