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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Do your dogs love to swim? Most do! If building your pet their own dog pool isn’t in your budget, perhaps a visit to a doggy day care or doggy hotel is, as many of them are now building pet pools for pets to play in!

Man’s Best Friend Loves To Swim

These days, people go to great lengths to give their pet a great life, and part of that is plenty of fun and exercise.… Read the whole article

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Not Your Typical Pool Party

You might be used to your pet dogs wanting to enjoy your pool. But a family vacationing in Redmond, WA were in for a surprise when they noticed a bathing moose in the pool! This is not the first time a moose has been spotted taking a dip in a swimming pool, but they were lucky enough to get a great video of the moose lounging in their pool!… Read the whole article

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Dogs and Water: Why Your Pet Loves to Swim

Pet dogs playing in waterPets all react to water differently. But we all know dogs love water more than cats, right?

Well, it’s not quite as easy as that, most dogs love the water, but some breeds (like heavier breeds, breeds with short snouts, and breeds with short legs) tend to sink more than swim. And some curious-cats LOVE to play with water, it depends on the animal and if they were trained from a young age to like the water.… Read the whole article