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Infinity Pools – Beautify Your Home In Tampa And Daytona

The ideal dream home should include an infinity pool. Perfect for warmer climates and visually stunning, infinity pools are undoubtedly among the most appealing custom pools that you can use to beautify your outdoor space. Rather than install conventional pools, many Tampa and Daytona homeowners are installing infinity pools in their homes to mimic their favorite vacation spot.

infinity pools

Infinity pools also referred to as negative edge and vanishing edge pools.Read the whole article

Swimming Pool Tips October 18, 2015 No Comments

Top 6 Pool Designs of 2015

  1. Splash Pool

splash-poolLeading off our Top 6 Pool Designs is the splash pool which is a pool designed with shallow ends, it’s also known as a play pool. Great for the kids to splash and play in the shallow water as well as lounging out in the low water. It’s wonderful for children and adults both. The pool is even deep enough to host an in-the-pool basketball or volleyball game.Read the whole article