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Amazing Infinity Pool Designs

An infinity pool is a swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the ocean or other surrounding landscape. In simpler terms, an infinity pool will make your jaw drop. We’ve been able to build some stunning infinity pools for our clients, here are a few of those and a couple more we love the look of:

Premier Pools and Spas Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

We love the look of this infinity pool we built.… Read the whole article

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Celebrity Pools – Lebron James Pool in Coconut Grove

Lebron James Celebrity Swimming PoolWe’re profiling celebrity pools and it’s Lebron James turn this week as we feature his recently former waterfront estate in Coconut Grove. King James lived at this palatial mansion while playing for the Miami Heat from 2010-14. Rumor has it the property had been on the market almost a year after the NBA superstar rejoined the Cavaliers.

The house, which sold for $2 million less than the original listing asking price of $17 million, has all the superstar amenities fit for the King.… Read the whole article

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10 Jaw Dropping Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools From Around The World

These idyllic plunge pools are located at some of the most high-end homes and 5 star resorts from around the world. The views are unparalleled and boast sweeping panoramas that are unforgettable…

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Exactly What Are Infinity Pools?

An Infinity Pool Design concept is one of the most high end and dramatic pool features homeowners can add.… Read the whole article