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Pool Cleaning Tips: Let Your Pool Do The Work

Freeform poolImagine this: You’ve just built the inground pool of your dreams. You can’t wait to spend day after day enjoying it with your family, right? In this scenario, how often do you see yourself enjoying the pool cleaning? We have a feeling pool cleaning isn’t at the top of your list (that spot is probably reserved for perfecting your cannon-ball).

If you could install a pool that efficiently cleans itself, circulates its own water, and saves money while giving you more time to enjoy it, wouldn’t you?… Read the whole article

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3 Unusual Swimming Pools Around the World

We’ve seen some unusual and unique swimming pools, but these made our jaws drop!

Unusual Swimming Pools: Floating Barge


Unique Pools - Badeschiff

Photo Credit: Sansculotte

On the east harbor section of the River Spree in Berlin, a barge has been reconstructed into a floating swimming pool. This unique pool offers bathers a safe swimming area since the river is too polluted for safe swimming.… Read the whole article

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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Do your dogs love to swim? Most do! If building your pet their own dog pool isn’t in your budget, perhaps a visit to a doggy day care or doggy hotel is, as many of them are now building pet pools for pets to play in!

Man’s Best Friend Loves To Swim

These days, people go to great lengths to give their pet a great life, and part of that is plenty of fun and exercise.… Read the whole article

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Amazing Infinity Pool Designs

An infinity pool is a swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the ocean or other surrounding landscape. In simpler terms, an infinity pool will make your jaw drop. We’ve been able to build some stunning infinity pools for our clients, here are a few of those and a couple more we love the look of:

Premier Pools and Spas Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

We love the look of this infinity pool we built.… Read the whole article

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4 Australian Pool Design Trends

As one of the driest continents on earth, it’s no wonder Australia has some exceptionally beautiful pools. And the design trends we see happening there are very exciting!

Australians love the water. With some of the longest stretches of sand-covered coastline in the world, they have some of the most beautiful beaches. The beaches are so beautiful, sometimes the local kangaroos even join in:

When it comes to design trends for their pools, Aussies are leaning toward very contemporary looks.… Read the whole article