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Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills Pool

“Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump brought some humor and fun to Bravo (TV) Network’s wildly popular and successful reality series earlier this year. The show revolves around the seemingly endless arguments among a group of wealthy (beyond their own good) women in Beverly Hills, California. The other women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had some seriously big houses and pools, and Vanderpump’s was absolutely no exception.

Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump claims she “downsized” but there’s no shortage of fabulousness in her new Beverly Hills home and her amazing closet. Let’s take a bird’s eye view!


Beverly Hills is roughly 5, almost 6 miles in size with approximately 34,000 residents, rich residents to be exact. However, during the day this city bustles with over 200,000 people, some of whom work in Beverly Hills, and many who come to partake in the city’s high end offerings, and to just star gaze. It was in the 1940’s that the city really began to develop. Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford led the stars to Beverly Hills when they built their mansion Pickfair in 1919. Today Beverly Hills is home to some of our most well-known celebrities, including Taylor Swift and the Hilton family.

Lisa decided to downsize from their 17,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion once she and her husband became empty nesters. Venderpump was able to find an amazing yet smaller 8,800 square foot mansion which she dubbed “Villa Rosa.” Cute, right? This 8,800 square foot home encompasses five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a two story library. Yes, a library! Of course the master suite is to die for in addition to the chef’s kitchen and the media room. Did you expect anything less? The outside grounds are (of course) breathtaking, with a large swimming pool, or favorite part of the home, and an exterior guest house. If you’d like to sneak a peek: “Villa Rosa” can be seen on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and really is a sight to see!


Ready to supply your very own “Villa Rosa” with an outdoor oasis?

When designing your dream pool, think beyond just the water-filled hole in the ground. Think about the tile work, the lighting, the waterfalls, the integration with your yard… there are so many features you can add to really make your pool stand above the rest. From waterfalls to jump rocks…It’s all possible! Premier Pools and Spas has built a reputation for helping customers design and construct their dream swimming pool. We work closely with each customer to determine the wants and needs for a backyard swimming oasis. The end goal is to make the overall process of designing and constructing a new swimming pool as streamlined as possible. Our professionals take into consideration the size of your yard (even if it is not ‘Villa Rosa’ size!), the materials needed, your budget, and the building time frame to recommend the perfect size and style of pool to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Call, click or visit us today for a FREE estimate.

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Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion

Paris Hilton’s Dog Has It’s Own Mansion With a Pool!

paris-dog-mansion3Having a mansion for yourself is a typical and understandable thing, but if you’re Paris Hilton you take it one step further and build a $325,000 McMansion for your dogs. She built a two-story, air- conditioned, furniture decorated mansion for her dogs. These dogs live in a house more expensive than millions of Americans do.

This pink pet dream as two stories, a downstairs living room and upstairs is the bedroom and closet. The closet holds the dog’s actual clothes that Paris has bought them. Their little mansion is a smaller replica of Paris Hilton’s actual mansion. The little dogs even have their own yard area, with a specially designed dog pool for them to swim around in when it gets hot during those summer days. Talk about some pampered pets!

Let us help you build your dream pool!

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Warner Brothers Pool – Animal Kingdom

Warner Brothers PoolPremier Pools & Spas recently had the opportunity to work on the backlot of the Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood for the hit show “Animal Kingdom“. We were called in to build a pool for the show and delivered a phenomenal looking pool in record time, much to the happiness of the shows producers who were nice enough to give us a rave review on our work. But don’t believe us, watch this short clip for yourself.

Animal Kingdom is an upcoming American family crime drama television series developed by Jonathan Lisco and directed by John Wells. The Warner Brothers show stars Finn Cole, Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman. The show follows the journey of a 17-year-old boy who is forced to move in with his grandmother and uncles after his mother passes away.

Building a Pool for Warner Brothers Was an Awesome Experience

We’d like to express a big thanks to Warner Bros and to the producers of “Animal Kingdom” for taking the time to acknowledge us for the work that we did. We couldn’t be happier that our work will be seen on the show for years to come and had a great experience working at the studio, it was a very memorable experience.

Pool Builder of The Stars

In case you didn’t know, Premier Pools & Spas is fast becoming recognized as the “Pool Builder of the Stars” – not just because of the Warner Brothers Pool, but simply because of the number of jobs we have completed in Hollywood. It’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re driving around the Hollywood Hills, you won’t have to go very far before you see one of our yard signs in front of a home we are working at. With offices in Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Orange County, Temecula, Santa Clarita and San Diego, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for pool builders in Southern California – we aren’t very hard to find and with rave reviews like this one we will be Hollywood’s Premier Pool Builder for years to come.

Looking for a Pool in Hollywood?

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Palm Springs – Sinatra’s Piano-Shaped Pool

sinatra-all-nothing-at-all-thmb350Frank Sinatra may be gone; however, his stunning estate in Palm Springs, California is still buzzing with energy. The Sinatra House is located in Movie Colony, a Palm Springs neighborhood that consists of approximately two hundred properties. Palm Springs is a popular resort town in California where vacationing and general tourism are immensely popular. These aspects of the economy and culture of Palm Springs are even evident in the fairly residential neighborhood of Movie Colony. As celebrity pools go, Frank Sinatra’s is definitely as unique and iconic as Old Blue Eyes himself.

Palm Springs

Frank Sinatra set the standard for Hollywood homes in the neighborhood and the rest of Palm Springs. The Sinatra House stands proudly in Movie Colony among the estates of fellow celebrities. Some of which include: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Estee Lauder.

Frank Sinatra’s desert estate, Twin Palms, is available to the public for various rental uses. The Twin Palms estate is open for private group tours of twenty or more people. However, the estate is also offered for commercial photo shoots and media shoots, corporate retreats, private vacations, and classy dinner parties. The estate’s expansive grounds and stylish interior have even been the site of a couple memorable weddings and receptions.

The estate is perfect for events such as this, not only because of its luxury features but also because of its location in Palm Springs. Accommodating hotels, eateries, and entertainment venues are all only a few minutes away, and .

One Of The Best Palm Springs Pools

Palm Springs

The focal point of this celebrity pool is the unique shape. This piano-shaped pool was built specifically to meet Frank’s tastes and not only is it appropriate, it is also quite beautiful as well. The architectural design of this pool and accompanying pool area focus on minimalist features instead of gaudy looks.

Since the main building itself makes use of straight lines and sharp angles, the swimming pool makes and effort to accommodate this design choice as well. So, in an effort to fit the overall aesthetic of this Palm Springs estate, the swimming pool incorporates long flowing lines as well. However, in addition to this there are a couple curves that are present in the pool’s framework. Instead of close tight curves that we see on many freeform pools, these curves are long and flowing. This allows this side of the pool to contrast the sharp lines and angles of the estate but still somehow compliment the overall aesthetic as well.

Palm Springs

The pool area of the Twin Palms Estate also has a useful pool house situated nearby. This pool house contains convenient his and hers bathrooms so that guests don’t have to make their way into the main building. There is also a lavish kitchenette and bar at the pool house, a perfect place for a few poolside drinks or a cozy lunch.

Frank Sinatra was the embodiment of Hollywood royalty and his luxury Palm Springs home carries on his legacy, showcasing his style and flair to lucky visitors.

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Celebrity Pools – Cher’s Envy Worthy Pool In Malibu, California

cherCelebrities give us plenty of reasons to envy them, one of which are their insanely luxurious homes. From their spacious living rooms and gourmet kitchens, to their spa-like bathrooms and amazing outdoor amenities, it’s everything that we need to prove that life as a celebrity is as flamboyant they come. One spectacular feature in any celebrity’s outdoor space that generally garners a lot of attention, is their luxurious pool.  Celebrity pools have set new higher standards for luxury pools and outdoor space. Especially those located in warmer temperate climates such as Malibu California.

There is always competition among celebrities when it comes to splurging on their castles and pop sensation Cherilyn Sarkisian aka Cher, has managed to stay ahead of the game. Cher has a habit for purchasing homes and transforming them into jaw dropping attention grabbing mansions. Her Malibu home, designed by Ron Wilson, remains one of the most impressive pieces in Cher’s real estate collection.


The famous Renaissance-inspired mission occupies 1.72 acres of land and features a home theater, 7 bathrooms, a 14 square foot villa with 6 spacious bedrooms, a suspended tennis court with some of the best views in Malibu, a gym, a guest house, and several verandas. However, the most intriguing feature of his envy worthy mansion is the stunning infinity edge pool overlooking an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean. The area where the pool is situated offers a perfect blend of comfort and excitement. The spacious loggia is a great spot to rest and enjoy the breathtaking view of the pool overflowing into the Pacific Ocean.


“The infinity-edge pool is where I spend all of my time in the summer,” said Cher; and after ogling images of pool we can understand why. The pool adds both a youthful theme and the convenience of a contemporary home to the Italian Renaissance-style house. And with its amazing view of the Pacific, it’s safe to say this is one of the main envy-worthy celebrity pools. The design of the pool is simple in comparison to other celebrity pools like that of Casey Kasem and Drake. Casey Kasem’s  heart shaped pool in her sparkling Beverly Hills mansion is decorated by three Greek-inspired pavilions and two bathhouses while Drake’s torch-lit pool  takes things a bit further with impressive features such as a double waterfall and a swim-up bar.


Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian West and John Travolta all have impressive pools in their home but it’s the simple yet sleek design, stunning Bisazza tiles, and the azure waters; which make this infinity pool a favorite over many other celebrity pools. Cher also has a number of other impressive properties with stunning outdoor amenities. One thing that is certain is that her taste for luxury is definitely reflected in her real estate choices.

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Celebrity Pools – Jennifer Aniston’s Minimalist Pool

jennifer-anistonWe’re analyzing Celebrity Pools and today we’re profiling Jennifer Aniston. Whether you like her or not, it is quite obvious that Jennifer Aniston is one successful woman. This former Friends star has worked hard to make a name for herself beyond her sitcom roots by branching out into numerous hit box office comedies and romantic comedies.

For her celebrated portrayal of Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has received numerous nominations and more importantly, she has won both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. She has also received more than a few other awards and allocates for her various roles on the big screen.

Jennifer is also no stranger to lists of sexiest or most beautiful women, frequenting many of these lists since the early 2000s. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s all looks; Jennifer Aniston is also one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. These big bucks helped her drop a reported $22 million on a house in Bel Air, CA.


Designed by architect A. Quincy Jones, in 1965; this house remains true to its price tag, taking up a whopping 8,500 square feet. This sleek modern house perfectly blends together striking contemporary architecture with minimalist designs. This combination creates a home that feels as if it is both modern and simple, while still displaying a feeling of wealth. All of these features are particularly evident in the spacious backyard. The simplistic stone terraced swimming pool is quite stunning and spectacular all on its own. The shade and texture of the stonework reminds us a little of Sylvester Stallone’s more elaborate pool area.

Comparing Celebrity Pools

However, its minimalism allows it to share the limelight with the gorgeous views that it is surrounded by – something that a lot of other celebrity pools lack. Not only is it blessed by the magnificent view of the ocean, it is also privy to the stunning view of the city as well.

Just like the design of the house; this poolside view creates a beautiful blend of both the contemporary architecture of the city, as well as the minimalism of nature through the ocean. It’s hard to choose between this view and the view from Ashton Kutcher’s pool in Hollywood Hills.


While a lot of celebrity pools are just status symbols, Jennifer Aniston’s swimming pool is not just for show. The award winning actress loves to go for a swim; whether it’s at the local coast, at the beach overseas, or in private at her personal swimming pool. While she does love her swimming pool, her love for swimwear shines brighter. With a body like hers, who can blame her? Aniston may be in her 40s; however, her body is still a sexy as it was when we first saw her on FriendsHave you seen her in a bikini lately? There’s a reason why Men’s Health magazine voted her as the Sexiest Woman of All Time in 2011.

Jennifer Aniston’s home is a prime example of sensible luxury; showing that you don’t have to live in a mansion because you’re making millions. Also, while some celebrity pools might be bigger than some of our houses, Jennifer shows us just how powerful simplicity and a beautiful view can be.

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Celebrity Pools – Ralph Lauren’s Stunning Pools That Rival All Others

LaurenMany celebrity pools are lavishly designed with an ambiance that mimics natural waterfalls, ponds, and resort pools. So, when it comes to those in the fashion/design scene, an even higher level of luxury is expected. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren is no exception. While he’s famously known for establishing one of the most globally successful brands, Lauren is also praised for his unique taste in real estate. From his spacious ranch in Colorado; to his smaller apartment in Manhattan; to his mansion in Bedford, New York; and his villa in Jamaica, one thing that is certain is that Lauren knows houses as much as he does fashion.

It’s hard not to notice the amazing view of Lauren’s 17,000-acre Double RL Ranch every time that you are in Colorado making your way from Montrose to Telluride.  The ranch has amazing features such as a horse stable, gym, a barn, and guest accommodations that are separate from the main house. However, it’s the gorgeous swimming pool that has grabbed our attention.


Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch Pool

Situated just off the main lodge of the property, the pool resembles a natural pond with clear waters that reflect the beautiful San Juan Mountains. The antiquated furniture around the pool fits perfectly into the natural setting and from the pool you can see a spectacular view of the mountains. Lauren himself often enjoys relaxing along the scenic pool with close family members.


Bedford Pool

Another addition to our list of amazing celebrity pools. While Lauren’s Double RL Ranch Pool has a charming old-fashioned style, the pool at his residence in Bedford, New York is more of a contemporary design and it’s garnished by nineteen Louis XV chairs. Towering pine trees overshadow the area around the Bedford pool creating the perfect spot for relaxing during warmer temperatures.


Pool in Jamaica

The infinity edge pool is one of the major attractions of Ralph Lauren’s villa in Jamaica. The original swimming pool occupied a small space but Lauren replaced it with a larger pool; a worthy opponent for other lavish celebrity pools. It’s enclosed by palm trees and other lush vegetation which recreate the feel of a stunning tropical oasis. “It feels like paradise. We go there as often as we can escape” said Lauren and his wife.

Celebrity pools and outdoor spaces are usually awe-inspiring, from Lebron James spacious infinity-edge pool to Sylvester Stallone’s custom-designed pool at his home in La Quinta. It’s no surprise that a fashion industry game changer like Ralph Lauren knows how to dress up his house from the inside out.

Interested in Your Own Celebrity Pool?

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Celebrities Pools

Celebrities Pools

Adding to March mania, Here’s a look at the pools owned by celebrities and their beautiful homes.

Rob Lowe’s Swimming Pool

Rob Lowe poolThis Georgian-style home in Santa Barbara, CA, is the dream home built by Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl. The 20-room main residence is located on four landscaped acres with a pool that complements the house and property to perfection.”

Ellen Pompeo’s Swimming Pool

“Actress Ellen Pompeo worked with Los Angeles-based designer Martin Lawrence-Bullard to decorate her 1920s Spanish-style home in the Hollywood Hills. The swimming pool, accessed by terraced gardens, is set against a stand of cypress trees.”

Ralph Lauren’s Swimming Pool

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren owns several homes, including the 16,000 acre Double RL Ranch in Montauk, CO. In addition to the main house and assorted guest accommodations, the ranch boasts a full gym, horse stable, preserved centuries-old barn, and this stunning swimming pool.”

ashton-kutcher-poolCher’s Swimming Pool

While it appears to be an Italian Pallazzo on the Amalfi coast, this Renaissance-inspired residence in Malibu, CA is the summer home of singer/actress Cher. The amazing infinity pool gives onto an expansive Pacific ocean view.”

Jennifer Aniston’s Swimming Pool  

This January, actress Jennifer Aniston bought a $22 million Bel Air, CA property. The 8,500-square-foot, four-bedroom house comes with a vineyard, wine cellar, and outdoor kitchen, while the stone-terraced pool affords both city and ocean views.”


Let us help you build your dream pool!

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Celebrity Pools – Ellen Pompeo’s Sophisticated Pool

ellen-pompeoEllen Pompeo has quite a lot going for her. She’s received multiple awards and accolades for her portrayal of Dr. Meredith Grey, the lead character of the hit series Grey’s Anatomy. Together with her long-standing husband, Chris Ivery, Ellen has also brought two beautiful daughters into the world. Ellen Pompeo is also one of the highest paid TV actresses in the world. Even though she is not one to brag about her wealth, her remodeled villa in the Hollywood Hills does enough boasting for her. Ellen’s home is gorgeous. This decades old, 1930s Spanish styled Los Angeles villa is now a one of a kind home that is fit for royalty. When it came to realizing her vision for her villa, Ellen Pompeo enlisted the help of expert decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who helped the family create one of the most beautiful celebrity pools and a stunning home.

celebrity pools

Like Ellen Pompeo and acting, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is good at what he does. Over the years he has earned the respect of numerous celebrity clients, such as: Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tommy Hilfiger – revamping both their celebrity pools and celebrity homes. With Martyn’s professional help, Ellen was able to transform her humble Hollywood Hills villa into a magnificent home for her growing family.

Anyone who has the privilege to visit this attractive quaint villa can’t take more than a few steps without being bombarded by the beauty of the stunning interior design and the sophisticated historical architecture. One feature of this villa that perfectly blends together both beautiful design and sophisticated architecture, is Ellen Pompeo’s exquisite backyard pool. Before Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Ellen Pompeo started working the villa’s backyard area, it was far from what it looks like today. Instead of a beautiful pool and cabana, there was an overgrowth of wild vegetation. What stands there today is a vast improvement; a pool that can rival many other celebrity pools.

celebrity pools

Exquisite celebrity pools such as this one are perfect for a woman like Ellen. This celebrity mom may be in her 40s and have two kids; however, she has a body that some of us wish we had in our 20s. She eats healthily, runs on the treadmill every morning, and meditates twice a day; as a result, she isn’t shy about strutting her stuff in sexy swimwear. We’ve seen pictures of her on the beach in Hawaii and in Los Angeles, and she isn’t shy about telling us that the pool is one of the places at home where she and her daughters enjoy spending time.

The swimming pool is shaded by a collection of lovely cypress trees and it is easily accessed via adjacent beautiful terraced gardens that remind us a little of the plant life around Lebron James’ pool and backyard in Coconut Grove. At the bottom of the stairs, which connect the rear balcony to the recessed pool area, are a rustic pair of Restoration Hardware lanterns. On the opposite side of the pool are a set of deep luxury Gloster lounge chairs, which are fitted with Schumacher fabric cushions.

Not all celebrity pools have to be huge and extravagant like Drake’s Pool in Hidden Hills. Ellen Pompeo and her decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, both realize that sometimes simplicity is far more beautiful than extravagance.

Ready for your own Celebrity Pool Design?

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Heart Shaped Pools are Very Romantic

4664330309_5bf4cc1856_bWith Valentines Day around the corner, there is a sense of romance and love is definitely in the air. Today we are focusing on one of the most well loved pool shapes that have made this a timeless choice for customers across the country. The Heart Shaped Pool remains one of the best selling pool shapes to this day.

Who Buys Heart Shaped Pools?

Anyone from the hopeless romantic, to the homeowner trying to make a statement, to hotels and resorts are the primary customer base for the heart shaped pool. It’s certainly a unique and bold statement and makes for a sense of wonderment for backyard guests. When coupled with high end features and a pleasing design aesthetic, this particular shaped pool makes an undeniable impression and tugs on the heart strings.


Casey Kasem’s Heart Shaped Pool

heart-shaped-pool-its-owners-must-really-be-in-love-5The late Casey Kasem, famous Disc Jockey and TV Personality, had a heart shaped pool that was famous among the Hollywood elite. His $42 million dollar mansion came equipped with every luxury convenience known to me, as well as a devastatingly beautiful heart shaped pool. Definitely a stunner.

These spectacular homes, practically castles onto themselves – each have their own heart shaped pools and heart decor in someway. The first home has a heart shaped courtyard along with the north facing 5 bedroom home. This home is a fashion headquarter and designer residence for a few years with a price sitting at $7.5 million. The second home transferred from apartments and restaurants finally made it out to be a designer headquarter selling over $7.5 with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths.

Fall in Love With Your Pool

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