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Building New Pools In Dallas

More than a few Texas residents have been putting of building new pools or new homes in Dallas. This is understandable because media outlets were quick to provide baseless speculations about the future decline of the local housing market due to the declining gas and oil prices. However, now that industry experts have had a chance to look past the fear mongering they have concluded that the housing market will largely stay the same or even experience sustained growth. This is great news for all homeowners who have be thinking about building new pools.

Building New Pools

Why Is The Housing Market Improving?

Well, first and foremost, Texas (and most importantly Dallas) will always be one of the most desirable places to live in the country; no matter what the national or local economic climate may look like. Dallas has consistently ranked on numerous Top 10 lists for being one of the best places to live in the US.

Secondly, one of the most important things about Dallas is that it is always changing, always evolving. Facebook and Toyota have just moved into town and have decided to put down roots here. With these two corporate giants moving in there are thousands of new employees between them both and numerous part time employees as well.

Facebook’s new structure that is located in Fort Worth is a data center; the company’s fifth building of this type in the world. The $500 million project, which is completely operated by renewable energy, has already provided a big boost the construction industry and is currently influencing other markets as well.

Building New Pools

At over $300 million, Toyota’s new North American HQ is nothing to laugh at either. This new facility is projected to have at least four thousand new employees; with actual estimates reaching as far as five thousand. Corporate experts estimate that Toyota will make the move with at least approximately 50 percent of their workforce; which means that locally more houses will be sold, more houses will be built, and people will be building more pools.

So What Do The Stats Say?

In Dallas home sales were up by over 20 percent in February of this year; making it the third month out of the prior four that showed 20 percent or more average sales gains. Prices of homes in Dallas have be slowly and consistently rising; however, compared to other desirable locations in the country, real estate in Texas is still very affordable. In fact, compared to other big cities, Dallas only ranks at number 20 when it comes to most expensive real estate. Prices for real estate were still lower than obvious candidates such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, and Vancouver.

Building New Pools

We Haven’t Stopped Building New Pools In Dallas

At Premier Pools & Spas we are here to serve residents; both new and old, by building new pools for their homes that they will love. We’re the number one swimming pool builder in the state and we’ve consistently ranked as one of the top builders in the country as well. This is why we’re the perfect choice when it comes to building new pools; no matter the size, shape, or cost.

Interested in Your Own New Pool?

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