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Your Hot Tub Date Night

There is a reason spa datethat the Bachelor or Bachelorette on ABC’s show is always provided with a hot tub on at least one of their dates during the season – it’s romantic! Owning a hot tub provides a wonderful retreat for couples to feel as if they ‘got away from it all’ in the evenings. You can enjoy a genuinely fun and romantic evening without even leaving the house. It provides a place for quiet and meaningful conversation as well as a therapeutic treat for your body after the long, stressful days of responsibility we know all too well! Taking a break from the distractions of our beloved electronics to truly relax and bond is the number one reason that Premier Pools and Spas votes that your next date night, is in your hot tub!

Hot Tub Date Night Essentials?

Planning a hot tub date night is super easy! That is, if you own a hot tub! If you don’t we can help with that. Swimming pools are wonderful, don’t get us wrong – they’re our passion – but we can’t forget about hot tubs. From their seemingly perfect temperature on a cold night, to their wonderful therapeutic benefits, spas can be an integral part of your date night or staycation destination– as well as a standalone centerpiece in your yard. From the invitation, right down to the ambiance, our network of professional swimming pool contractors has you covered.spa

A Proper Hot Tub Date Night Invitation

It all starts with an invite. How you choose to invite your love interest or spouse can really set the tone for the entire evening. So what mood will you go with: romantic, playful, sassy, silly? The sky is the limit! Did we mention that you could also write a poem? Okay, that’s over the top but we thought we’d throw it out there. Don’t forget to include the location, att81aUjin8IEL._SX425_ire and how to RSVP! A kiss maybe?

The hot tub date night experience can be intensified or made into a more thoughtful and meaningful night if you turn it into a spa experience. You can add aromatherapy drops to your spa water, sip on refreshing drinks, snack of delicious appetizers and listen to some calming music.

If you plan on making some romantic appetizers, we recommend keeping the food light. Fruit plates are always a good idea!

Get Your Own Hot Tub Today!

We are connected with pool builders all over the country. Whether you’re looking for New Pools, Spas or Remodels. Click on your state in the map in the locations area of our website and you’ll find pool builders across the United States. Locating a qualified pool builder in your area isn’t very hard. Find a top quality pool construction expert in your local area now! If you’d like more information about how to customize a hot tub design for your own backyard, feel free to reach out and we’ll provide you with a free estimate!

Interested in Your Own Hot Tub?

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Adding a Spa

Beautiful Spa and pool comboSpas can add a lot of value to your home and it’s not as hard as you may thing to add an inground spa onto your current pool! Along with value (and the fact that they look beautiful)–it benefits your health too as it’s been reported that sitting in a hot tub can help with stress, ease pain, and improve circulation! Already sold? Here are some questions you may have:

What kind of spa should I add?

Deciding what kind of spa to get may be the hardest part! It all depends on your needs. Here are some of your options:

  • Portable
    • Those in colder climates might prefer a portable option since you probably don’t want to walk too far when it’s snowing.
  • Inground
    • Inground designs look nicer than portable options since they can blend into your landscape and adding an inground spa adds value to your home. If you’re already building a pool, you should consider adding a hot tub now or you’ll have to remodel later which can be costly. Inground hot tubs can be attached to or separate from a pool.
  • Adding a spa to your existing pool
    • The most expensive option–this will take some remodeling.

spas-007-1024x684What are my surface options?

  • Drop-in pre-fab shells made of fiberglass or acrylic are most popular when you have (or are building) a vinyl-liner pool.
  • Constructed out of steel, gunite and steel. While more work is involved with this option, you’re able to get a much more beautiful custom look.

What are my other add-on options?

  • Lighting
    • Traditional spas usually have a halogen bulb underwater, but we can upgrade your spa with additional lighting like colored LED lights. LED lights can have fully customized light options.
  • Jets
    • Used to just one directional jets? We offer different types of jets like: swirl jets, oscillating jets and massage jets.
  • Bubble system
    • Bubbling systems add a relaxing effect and increases the volume of water directed through the jets.
  • Size
    • We can build you a pool to fit your families needs!

PortlandCan my spa overflow into my pool?

Yes, and the results are beautiful!




Not sure what you want to do in your backyard? Check out some of our beautiful spas and watch this video with a beautiful pool and hot tub combo:

Contact us for all your spa-building needs!

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Hot Tub Maintenance

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have (or are interested in) a beautiful Premier Pools and Spas hot tub. Hot tubs are a wonderful addition to your backyard oasis, and offer wonderful health benefits like better sleep, and stress and pain relief.

How to Maintain your Hot Tub

Premier Pools and Spas Hot TubHot tub maintenance is a lot like regular pool maintenance, but it’s also quite different. For one, as our friends over at Swim University states, a hot tub is almost like bath you and your family share. Ick! That’s why it’s important to keep up a weekly maintenance schedule.

There are some fantastic and thorough guides to maintaining a hot tub, but here are the most important things you should know:

  • Keep yourself clean. First and foremost, remember to rinse before using your spa. Sweat and the products we use accumulate in your spa leading it to become dirtier faster.
  • Drain your hot tub every 2-3 months. Or more frequently if it gets heavy use.
  • Test it a couple of times a week. Have those test strips ready to go. In less than 15 seconds you can have a reading on the total alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, pH, bromine, and total hardness.
  • Premier Pools and Spas Hot TubTreat as needed.  Once you’ve tested the water, treat with chemicals as needed (it’s good to keep those chemicals on hand)! Add one chemical at a time and wait an hour or so between each addition.
  • Shock your hot tub. If you have a heavily used spa, put an odorizer into the water once a week to destroy the waste from bathers.
  • Clean your filter. Once every two weeks give the filter a good rinse, and use a granular filter cleaner every 3-4 for a deeper cleaning.
  • Be good to your cover. The cover keeps that beautiful water you work so hard to keep up clean. So give your cover some extra love by cleaning it once a month (per the manufacturer’s recommendation), and give vinyl covers a good conditioning every 3-4 months. Handle it with care and never sit on it or drag it.
  • Keep it circulating. Keep your spa on, but turn the temperature down when you’re not using it so the water can circulate. This helps slow algae growth.



Premier Pools and Spas Hot TubHot tubs are a wonderful addition to your backyard oasis, if you’re considering adding a spa onto your existing inground pool, give us a call!

We want to help you build your dream spa!

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