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Built a Pool For The Grandchildren

grandparents-pool-1We love getting this type of feedback from our customers. Recently we completed a new swimming pool and spa for the Hogg Family. They were nice enough to let us in their backyard to showcase their beautiful new pool, and had some great things to say about their experience with Premier Pools & Spas.

Some Ulterior Motives Behind This Swimming Pool…

Homeowner and Premier Pools customer Bevil Hogg says that he had ulterior motives all along in his grand scheme to redesign his backyard specifically with his grand kids in mind.… Read the whole article

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3D Pool Design In Austin – The Future Is Here

When it comes to landscape design in areas like Austin, complexity only serves as a barrier to actually providing the best finished product. As a matter of fact, landscape design actually benefits greatly from having tools that are easy to understand and use. This is where 3D design software and 3D pool design come into play.

Even though 3D design software has existed in various forms for a couple of decades now; the widespread use of these tools is a fairly new occurrence.… Read the whole article