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Swimming Pools are the Way to Go

If you are thinking of installing a pool or buying a home with a pool, you should consider the benefits of swimming pools. Even if you are not an excellent swimmer, you can still enjoy swimming. Having a swimming pool at your disposal gives you access to ways of staying fit and healthy as well as enjoy fun activities and relaxation time.… Read the whole article

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Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool

When people think of installing a custom pool and deck in their yard, the first thing that comes to their mind is the fun factor. There is no question your loved ones will get countless hours of fun with their brand new swimming pool; however, there are lots of other reasons they need to think of swimming and adding a swimming pool to their property.… Read the whole article

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Shopping for a Swimming Pool

So you have decided that this is the time to get that swimming pool in your backyard. Swimming pools have numerous benefits and can also increase your home’s value. Buying a pool is not something you might be familiar with, and you can end u going about it the wrong way. There is information and sales people at every corner trying to close deals.… Read the whole article

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Residential Pool Growth

Building New PoolsThere are numerous reasons for why a home-owner would need a pool. There may be the truth that it offers the proper alternative for household gatherings, events with mates, a calming place that you just get to design and embellish in your personal yard. The addition of a pool doesn’t solely permit enjoyable gatherings for you, a pool can truly increase the worth of your house.Read the whole article

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Olympics Green Diving Pool

Not in Rio for the Summer 2016 Olympics? Neither are we, but after seeing these photos – we’re not exactly green with envy that we aren’t there. It looks like something weird has definitely happened to the Olympic diving pool in Rio – virtually overnight divers find themselves competing in water that had turned from crystal clear blue into an all too familiar shade of green.… Read the whole article

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Recessed Seating In Your Swimming Pool

Typically you wish to be part of the fun however you also wish to keep dry! Giving those that wish to keep dry (however social) an choice is at all times a pleasant concept when designing your backyard oasis. This distinctive pool incorporates a recessed seating space “inside” the pool so everybody can benefit from the pool collectively. There are issues it’s a must to contemplate when putting in a recessed seating space and that’s the entry level.… Read the whole article

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Take a Swine Dive – Swim with the Pigs

Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

Swine DiveDoes your vacation dreams include taking a ‘Swine Dive’? Well, consider your dream come true!

How did these Mermaid Pigs get here though?

Europeans had brought over pigs to Big Major Cay, Bahamas. Which is now the official home to these famous swimming pigs. These feral pigs are outstanding swimmers and swim with all the tourists that come to visit just to see and swim with the pigs.… Read the whole article

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iAqualink: A Smarter Pool = A Smarter You

iAqualink and Your Family’s Pool

We are in a day and age where most every aspect of our life is becoming synced with technology. Why not your pool? You may be wondering what iAqualink does and how it can make your poolside life easier. Let us explain!



iAqualink: Yes, it’s that simple!

iAquaLink allows you to control your pool anytime, anywhere.… Read the whole article

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Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills Pool

“Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump brought some humor and fun to Bravo (TV) Network’s wildly popular and successful reality series earlier this year. The show revolves around the seemingly endless arguments among a group of wealthy (beyond their own good) women in Beverly Hills, California. The other women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had some seriously big houses and pools, and Vanderpump’s was absolutely no exception.… Read the whole article

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Throw The Best Dallas Birthday Pool Party Ever!

Summer in Dallas is much more than rodeo shows! A big part of the season’s celebration are the exciting swimming pool birthday fetes, geared towards kids but equally fun for adults. As a parents you probably enjoy planning summer parties for kids as a reward after a lengthy school year – bribing them to keep up the good work! The team at Premier Pools & Spas wishes for you and your kids to have an exciting summer.Read the whole article