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Swimming Pools are the Way to Go

If you are thinking of installing a pool or buying a home with a pool, you should consider the benefits of swimming pools. Even if you are not an excellent swimmer, you can still enjoy swimming. Having a swimming pool at your disposal gives you access to ways of staying fit and healthy as well as enjoy fun activities and relaxation time.

Here are some benefits of build pools:


Swimming is one of the ways you can work out using low impact exercises. You can get high-quality cardiovascular workouts without stressing your joints and muscles. As a low impact exercise, swimming gets your heart rate up and gives your lungs a good workout. To burn calories, you should swim at least half an hour several times a week. It is also a safe and comfortable way for pregnant women to get a workout.

Fun activities

Installing a swimming pool in your home will give you a wonderful place to spend time with your family and friends. Both adults and kids enjoy swimming, and you can hold pool parties or simply splash around with the kids.


A swimming pool gives you immediate access to workout. There are different types of workout that you can have in your pool. You can work on your endurance, glutes and arm strength. All these without having to travel to a gym or community pool allow you to make the most out of your time.

Improve your mental health

Research suggests that being around large body water helps relieve stress. Swimming helps your body release endorphins which increase your feeling of well being. It also encourages physiological relax responses similar to stretching exercises and yoga.

Improve the value of your house

Real estate trends have shown that homes with pools fetch better prices in the market. By installing a swimming pool in your home, you increase the resale value of your property.

Build pools increase family time

By having a pool in your home, you can spend more time with the kids. You can teach the younger ones how to swim and play and splash around with them in the water. You can also just relax by the poolside and keep an eye on your kids as they enjoy themselves.

Teach kids to swim from a young age

When kids spend more time in the pool, they become stronger swimmers at an earlier age. This could see them go all the way to the Olympics as they start leaning early on.

Once you decide that installing a pool is the way to go, you can do your research and find a reputable pool company. Most companies build pools of all sizes and types and you can discuss your ideas before you start the project.


Swimming Pools are the Way to Go

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Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool

When people think of installing a custom pool and deck in their yard, the first thing that comes to their mind is the fun factor. There is no question your loved ones will get countless hours of fun with their brand new swimming pool; however, there are lots of other reasons they need to think of swimming and adding a swimming pool to their property.

1. Backyard gym

Do some laps and skid the treadmill for a few months around the swimming pool. Based on your weight as well as your speed of swimming, you can shed between 400-950 calories per hour in the swimming pool. Working out in water is also easier on your joints and muscles, to help you exercise safely for a longer time.

2. Relaxation and comfort

If your home is congested, it can be a bit challenging to find some space to escape and relax for a moment. Swimming in your inground pool or even lounging beside it in the sun will help you unwind and run away from your everyday stress for at least a few hours.

3. Better health

While inground pools are good for physical exercise, they can also assist in boosting emotional and mental health. For those suffering from depression or anxiety, water therapy can reduce symptoms and boost mood. People with fibromyalgia and pregnant women, in particular, have experienced good results in mental well-being after swimming.

4. Entertainment spot

Everybody, from the young to the seniors, can enjoy some swimming pool time. Adults can stay energized and active as they advance in years and kids can grow up with the swimming pool. Pools are accessories for your home, which will never be outgrown or go out of style.

5. A Family unity

Whether you are searching for a place that teenagers can spend time with their friends or a safe place to have fun with small kids, an inground pool will bring your loved ones together in a surrounding that everybody will surely have fun in.

6. Backyard vacation spot

Fed up with the stress of planning a holiday, the stress of traveling with your loved ones and the additional expense it all turns out costing? Well, when you own a swimming pool, all you need to do is take a couple of days off of work and relax at the poolside. This is simply the break you require without any of the holiday stress.

7. Amazing backyard

Your backyard will look amazing when an inground pool is installed. And if you add a few deck accessories and upgrades, people will be unable to take their eyes off the backyard or wish to leave the swimming pool.

To find out more about constructing a new swimming pool, contact your local swimming pool company.


Reasons to Build a Swimming Pool

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Shopping for a Swimming Pool

So you have decided that this is the time to get that swimming pool in your backyard. Swimming pools have numerous benefits and can also increase your home’s value. Buying a pool is not something you might be familiar with, and you can end u going about it the wrong way. There is information and sales people at every corner trying to close deals. What type of pool do you want? How much will it cost? Is it within your budget? How do you maintain your pool? That’s why you need to take it slow and carefully take in some consideration before you take the plunge.

Here are 5 things you need to know before you receive pool estimates:

1. Know you want a swimming pool

Knowing that you want a swimming pool in your home is the first step. Once you are sure that it’s the right call, it will help you make solid decisions along the way. You can research on different pool types. Learn what it takes to take care of and maintain a pool. What accessories you will need and where to get them is also good to know. Educational videos can also give you more information so that you can make the right choice.

2. Know what you want of the pool

Set a priority on what you feel is the most important aspect of the pool. Is it customization, aesthetics, low maintenance, water features? These are just a few of the things that pool shoppers think of when they are considering buying a pool. It is important to list this and rate them before a meeting with a pool builder. This will help you focus on the right pool for you and your family.

3. Decide on a pool installer

When deciding on which pool installer to use, there also some considerations to take into account. What is your main goal? Is it getting the lowest price, good workmanship or something else? Price is usually the determining factor for most pool shoppers, and you might want to go with the lowest pool estimates given. However, it is important to choose a pool installer who offers quality workmanship. You do not want to be in a situation where 2 years after you buy the pool it requires major repairs.

4. Know your true budget and stick to it

Set a budget after taking into account all the above consideration. Get your finances in order before you start getting pool estimates. It can be frustrating for you when you begin the project and cannot complete it due to financial constraints. This way you will not waste your time or the pool builders.

5. Know the difference between pool types

Know the difference between vinyl, concrete and fiberglass pools. Each type of pool has its own pros and cons. Maintenance costs, lifespan, initial cost, and accessories vary, and it is important to know which type you prefer. While you might have seen a vinyl pool and liked it, it might just not be for you.


Shopping for a swimming pool

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Residential Pool Growth

Building New PoolsThere are numerous reasons for why a home-owner would need a pool. There may be the truth that it offers the proper alternative for household gatherings, events with mates, a calming place that you just get to design and embellish in your personal yard. The addition of a pool doesn’t solely permit enjoyable gatherings for you, a pool can truly increase the worth of your house. The price raises in worth to the property you personal. Selecting a pool is an enormous determination and we have a wide variety of pool companies ready to design you the perfect one.  

Residential Pool Growth In The Nation

Taking a look at scores in residential pool growth, there are roughly 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming swimming pools in the USA. On common, there are roughly 301 million people who go to public swimming swimming pools. Residential pool progress goes up yearly, Proudly owning a pool might be enjoyable and likewise turn out to be an amazing duty. It’s necessary that you know the way to maintain a pool, with cleansing and getting ready it for winter.  Maintaining your pool updated is necessary and it’s one other step to determine security across the pool and with your loved ones.

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Olympics Green Diving Pool

Not in Rio for the Summer 2016 Olympics? Neither are we, but after seeing these photos – we’re not exactly green with envy that we aren’t there. It looks like something weird has definitely happened to the Olympic diving pool in Rio – virtually overnight divers find themselves competing in water that had turned from crystal clear blue into an all too familiar shade of green. Trust me, there is no one lining up to jump into a green pool with a serious algae problem.

What are the consequences of swimming in a green pool?

Aside from that slimy feeling one gets, the algae itself promotes rapid bacteria growth – swallowing, breathing or coming into contact with these germs can lead to many illnesses such as E. Coli, Giardia, and skin rashes. While we’re certain that a little E. Coli wouldn’t deter the likes of Michael Phelps, we can be happy that all is right in his pool. Although after winning 2 gold medals, you’d think he’d look a little happier.


We asked Vice President of Premier Pools & Spas, Brian Porter: 

“What could they do in Rio to keep an Olympic sized pool free from algae?” and he said, “I don’t think the problem is related to algae – the water looks clear – just green, which leads me to believe that it’s a problem due to oxidized copper”. Well, just how does oxidized copper turn a pool green? “Think of the Statue of Liberty’s patina.” said Brian. “When copper is exposed to water it begins to rapidly oxidize. I’m willing to wager it’s an issue with copper piping and not algae”.

To answer the question: How does one keep an Olympic sized pool free from algae? The secret, according to Porter,  “Keep the water moving! Salt Chlorine generators do a great job at preventing algae growth in the first place.” and finally “Adding an algaecide weekly could also help you prevent algae from building up in your pool” said Brian.

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Recessed Seating In Your Swimming Pool

Typically you wish to be part of the fun however you also wish to keep dry! Giving those that wish to keep dry (however social) an choice is at all times a pleasant concept when designing your backyard oasis. This distinctive pool incorporates a recessed seating space “inside” the pool so everybody can benefit from the pool collectively. There are issues it’s a must to contemplate when putting in a recessed seating space and that’s the entry level. You possibly can both select some stepping stones hid by the pool or a bridge to make the setting much more superb. Additionally, pillows are a must have for these areas so that you can completely relax all day long. Try this entry utilizing stepping stones:


Design by Pool Builders Inc.; photograph courtesy of Digital Wave Productions

We’re not really certain how patrons step on into these recessed areas however that merely provides to the sweetness and illusion! Recessed seating pits are nice for sunbathing, day time conversations or nights crammed with star gazing and s’mores.


Picture Courtesy of www.home-designing.com

Does my Recessed Seating Space need to be IN my pool?

Under no circumstances! Take a look at these wonderful recessed seating areas constructed into their backyard plans.


Picture Courtesy of www.home-designing.com

A recessed seating square in the midst of their yard features a fire pit, making it a dramatic focus.

What if I wish to add Recessed Seating to my pool?

Simply because you have already got a pool, it doesn’t imply you can’t add a recessed seating space to your pool. In reality, you could add any variety of spectacular new options onto your loved ones’s staycation vacation spot! Is your pool feeling outdated, outdated or just not the dream design you need any longer? In the event you’re looking at recessed seating areas in fashionable swimming pools on Pinterest every day, it could be time to contemplate a remodel! We aren’t saying that each pool wants a recessed seating space however swimming pool restoration and renovation can embrace objects reminiscent of putting in customized lighting, waterfalls, spas, customized rock options, and a lot extra. Giving your pool a face raise can imply the distinction between a bland outside play place and your own private resort. If in case you have a favorite resort pool from your loved ones’s latest trip, we can help you relive that dream! Nothing is out of the question. We’ve got a network of pool builders at our disposal that have the expertise needed to transform what you envision into your ultimate yard.

In the event you’re contemplating renovating or transforming your swimming pool, you’ve come to the best place.

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Take a Swine Dive – Swim with the Pigs

Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

Swine DiveDoes your vacation dreams include taking a ‘Swine Dive’? Well, consider your dream come true!

How did these Mermaid Pigs get here though?

Europeans had brought over pigs to Big Major Cay, Bahamas. Which is now the official home to these famous swimming pigs. These feral pigs are outstanding swimmers and swim with all the tourists that come to visit just to see and swim with the pigs. The pigs first started to swim for the purpose of finding food, out running/swimming danger, or to move habitat sights. Soon, with all the tourists coming around, the swimming pigs got more comfortable with the people, boats, loud noises and they loved the food that the tourists brought. One of the most renowned beaches there is Pig Beach, you can go swimming with the pigs, snorkeling with tropical fish and sea turtles, as well as scuba diving with sharks and eels.SwimmyPiggy

Pigs, Pigs and More Pigs, OH MY!

There are approximately 20 pigs on this island in the pig family, they have been des
cribed as ‘adorable’ by all tourists and locals that come to visit them, they have become incredibly popular. They live freely on the sandy beaches, and after basking in the sun for hours on end and just like us, they swim in the surf. What a life! The pigs, though feral, are very friendly, running from under the shade of trees to greet the tourists that bring them treats. They are also fed by the crews of passing yachts and boats.


Visiting these swimming pigs is a great experience you don’t want to miss out on! Visitors may book their visits to Big Major Cay for their opportunities to swim with the pigs through a variety of excursion vendors on The Islands. Providing visitors with this once-in-a-lifetime experience of interacting with these wonderful animals is just one more thing that distinguishes The Bahamas.

Enough about the pigs though! Enough about the Bahamas! Don’t forget that you can have just as much fun in a Premier Pool and/or Spa. If heading to the Bahamas just isn’t on your to-do list at the moment then we suggest creating a Staycation Destination just steps away from your back porch! We are here to help you create the paradise of your dreams. This process starts by asking questions and listening closely to your answers. It may take a bit of time to do this but we know that we are building your personal dream and for that reason, the more we know about what your needs and desires are, the better we can customize a design for you. Because of our size and buying power, we are able to install the finest equipment and provide the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, all at a great value to you. We take pride in the fact that all of our designers are pool builders; people that know intimately what’s involved in the engineering and construction of your pool, regardless of the size and shape of your yard.

Ready for your own backyard Swimming Pool? Pigs are optional!

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iAqualink: A Smarter Pool = A Smarter You

iAqualink and Your Family’s Pool

We are in a day and age where most every aspect of our life is becoming synced with technology. Why not your pool? You may be wondering what iAqualink does and how it can make your poolside life easier. Let us explain!



iAqualink: Yes, it’s that simple!

iAquaLink allows you to control your pool anytime, anywhere. From your smartphone or web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you’re on the go. Here are some benefits to adding an iAqualink system onto your family’s pool:

  • Much like a car’s dashboard, a technician is able to more easily diagnose any issues with your system by using the app.
  • Some issues can even be fixed by a technician at a distance using the iAqualink control panel!
  • No more manual testing: you can check temperature and chemical levels while on the golf course. It doesn’t get better than that.
  • Energy efiiciency: you can adjust your settings on the fly for what you need rather than abiding by factory-installed settings.
  • How would you like to be able to get the hot tub up and running before you even get home? Now you can! iAqualink lets you do just that with a simple click of a button.
  • Did you get to work and realize that you left the pool lights or heater on? No problem! Turn them off now, from your phone.
  • Saves you time and money: with the ability to monitor issues and levels there are less reasons for a technician to come out to your home.
  • Have a great party! Control your pool’s lights, pump filter and electrical system without removing yourself from the fun times!

iAqualink and Premier Pools & Spas


A Modern Pool for Your Modern Home

More and more items for our homes are becoming available on automated controls, Premier Pools & Spas wants every customer to know the benefits of having a SMART pool. With iAqualink your pool is ready for the future! Older systems are becoming out of date and become bothersome when certain parts need to be replaced and are no longer manufactured.


We understand that getting a pool is a big investment, not only monetarily, but in the quality of your family’s life. We also know that it is a process; one that starts at the discovery and design stage and goes through the life of your pool. Our commitment has always been to stay with our customers throughout this process and we have achieved our position as the nation’s leading pool builder by staying true to this philosophy.

Because of our size and buying power, we are able to install the finest equipment and provide the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, all at a great value to you. We take pride in the fact that all of our designers are pool builders; people that know intimately what’s involved in the engineering and construction of your pool, regardless of the size and shape of your yard. Find a location near you today! We are excited to be given the opportunity to show you how your pool buying experience and ownership will be when you entrust your project to us.

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Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills Pool

“Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump brought some humor and fun to Bravo (TV) Network’s wildly popular and successful reality series earlier this year. The show revolves around the seemingly endless arguments among a group of wealthy (beyond their own good) women in Beverly Hills, California. The other women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had some seriously big houses and pools, and Vanderpump’s was absolutely no exception.

Lisa Vanderpump

Vanderpump claims she “downsized” but there’s no shortage of fabulousness in her new Beverly Hills home and her amazing closet. Let’s take a bird’s eye view!


Beverly Hills is roughly 5, almost 6 miles in size with approximately 34,000 residents, rich residents to be exact. However, during the day this city bustles with over 200,000 people, some of whom work in Beverly Hills, and many who come to partake in the city’s high end offerings, and to just star gaze. It was in the 1940’s that the city really began to develop. Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford led the stars to Beverly Hills when they built their mansion Pickfair in 1919. Today Beverly Hills is home to some of our most well-known celebrities, including Taylor Swift and the Hilton family.

Lisa decided to downsize from their 17,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion once she and her husband became empty nesters. Venderpump was able to find an amazing yet smaller 8,800 square foot mansion which she dubbed “Villa Rosa.” Cute, right? This 8,800 square foot home encompasses five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a two story library. Yes, a library! Of course the master suite is to die for in addition to the chef’s kitchen and the media room. Did you expect anything less? The outside grounds are (of course) breathtaking, with a large swimming pool, or favorite part of the home, and an exterior guest house. If you’d like to sneak a peek: “Villa Rosa” can be seen on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and really is a sight to see!


Ready to supply your very own “Villa Rosa” with an outdoor oasis?

When designing your dream pool, think beyond just the water-filled hole in the ground. Think about the tile work, the lighting, the waterfalls, the integration with your yard… there are so many features you can add to really make your pool stand above the rest. From waterfalls to jump rocks…It’s all possible! Premier Pools and Spas has built a reputation for helping customers design and construct their dream swimming pool. We work closely with each customer to determine the wants and needs for a backyard swimming oasis. The end goal is to make the overall process of designing and constructing a new swimming pool as streamlined as possible. Our professionals take into consideration the size of your yard (even if it is not ‘Villa Rosa’ size!), the materials needed, your budget, and the building time frame to recommend the perfect size and style of pool to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Call, click or visit us today for a FREE estimate.

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Throw The Best Dallas Birthday Pool Party Ever!

Summer in Dallas is much more than rodeo shows! A big part of the season’s celebration are the exciting swimming pool birthday fetes, geared towards kids but equally fun for adults. As a parents you probably enjoy planning summer parties for kids as a reward after a lengthy school year – bribing them to keep up the good work! The team at Premier Pools & Spas wishes for you and your kids to have an exciting summer. So we’ve come up with a few tips that might help you with planning the perfect Dallas pool party. Check them out these amazing ideas from Birthday in a Box below!


All Photos Courtesy of Birthday in a Box 

Tips for Planning a Dallas Pool Party

Start with the basics! Decide which guests you want to attend the party and stay true to your list. Ensure that you also have enough adults on the guest list to monitor the number of kids you plan to invite. It’s always best to send your invitations three to two weeks in advance so that your guests can prepare gifts and make the necessary arrangements. You can go with the old school method of sending your invites using Dallas postal mail or you can do so creatively through graphic messages, though most kids tend to prefer a colourful card. Next, hit up the supermarket! Be sure to get enough supplies (napkins, plates, party hats etc.) for your guests. You’ll also want to prepare your pool a few days before the party and ensure that the water is clear and balanced.


Fun Pool Party Games

There are a number of fun pool games that you can plan for your guests. These include:

Marco Polo: this classic swimming pool game can never get old. It’s a great way to get the fun started at your part and get a good idea of how skilled your guests are at swimming. To make the game even more exciting, try letting the person saying “Marco” wear goggles with the inside of the lens taped over.

Sharks and Minnows: another exciting game to add, especially if bigger kids will be at your party and your pool as a large deep area. The person playing the role of the “shark” will be in the deep end of the pool then begin moving forward to them minnows at “GO.” At that time the minnows would have jumped off into the pull to make their way to the other side of the pool while avoiding the shark.

Pool Volleyball or Basketball: both are fun sports that will keep your guests active. Kids between the ages of 10 and 12 will certainly enjoy.

These are just a few of the games that you can play. Do be afraid to do your research or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Treats for the Party


Aside from the traditional birthday cake, you’ll also want to ensure that there are other treats for your guest to enjoy. Cupcakes are classic birthday treats that are easy to serve. You may also want to include some healthier snacks such as grapes are apple slices – and don’t worry, if they get in your pool they’ll go straight to the skimmer basket.  Also, in the Dallas summer heat, it’s important that you keep your guests hydrated. You can provide them with juice boxes or set up a lemonade or Kool-Aid stall for fun.

Safety Precautions

Last but not least, you’ll want to ensure that you’ll guests are safe, a challenging task for any party host. Provide safety gear and ensure that there are responsible adults around watching the kids during the party. You may also want to have a lifeguard nearby if your swimming pool has deep area and put up a “KEEP OUT” sign for smaller kids and set a no diving rule. Also you should consider installing a pool safety camera and assign someone to monitor it – after all, we all know kids will be kids.

Most importantly, have fun with your kids and don’t forget to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas, Texas, if you need to get your pool in shape for the summer.

Interested in Your Own Backyard Pool?

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