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You Could Choose a Single Speed Pump For Your Pool!

some examples of jandy single speed pumps

Now, it may be true that you didn’t bolt out of bed this morning with a cry of, ‘let me pick my pool pump!’ But when you’ve bought your pool, you have to consider the pump. The pump is what continues to circulate water through the pool filter, which keeps your pool water clear and clean.

Naturally there are several kinds of pumps to consider. There are the single, dual, and variable speed pumps. Today, we are going to talk about the single speed pump.

The single speed pump is a simple model that could suit your needs. The reason to buy a single speed pump is that it is inexpensive to purchase and easily repaired. Generally a single speed pump will last between 3-8 years. At that time you can choose to buy another single speed pump or upgrade to the dual or variable speed pumps.

The single speed pump is the convenient and the inexpensive option. If that is what you need then Jandy offers several great pumps that will run your pool efficiently.

Check back again when we discuss dual speed and variable speed pumps. In the meantime, keep that pool clean with the pump of your choice!