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Swimming Pools for Dogs

With many different types of swimming pools for dogs, such as metal or plastic, there are homeowners known to buy and build actual inground pools for their dog(s). Think that’s crazy? For those that have the means, it’s a fun and playful environment for your pet to exercise just like you’d buy for yourself.


Knowing most dogs love the water and going swimming is something they’d want to do, you have to think about the dog’s activity level. How much energy does your dog have? Would he/she like the pool, to play fetch in it? It’s not unreasonable to ask a Premier Pool & Spas representative what kind of pool options are available for a pet pool for your dog.

Pools for Pets

Plastic Dog Pools: Going out a purchasing a kiddie pool isn’t the same for a dog, yes it’s plastic but not strong enough to withstand the strength of a dog. With it’s sharp nails and teeth the plastic kiddie pool just wouldn’t last very long.

The plastic pools made for a dog is made out of the same material of the bedding of a truck. They will last longer than the small kiddie pool material and they also can handle the strength of the dog.


Metal Dog Pools: With a metal pool it’s indestructible, and the dog wouldn’t be able to break it and will last a very long time.


Custom Dog Pools: Buying an inground pool for your pet can get a bit pricey, but we can create some incredible features for Fido. Find out more.

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